Thursday, May 22, 2014

my favorite 5 days.

a few months ago, i asked scott if we could take 5 days as a family and go down south.
i wanted to take the kids to disneyland and i wanted to go to newport.
and all miles wanted was a chocolate covered banana.
so we went. and it was one of my most favorite times ever as a family.
we laughed, we relaxed, we rode rides, we saw old friends.
it was perfect with all its imperfections.

i had an hour in anthropologie by myself.
we rode bikes on the newport boardwalk.
we walked around balboa and my kids cuddled the whole time.
there is always money in the banana stand.

we went to disneyland and she thought she owned the place.
we watched the sunset in california adventure.
we gave minnie mouse kisses.
we walked up and down main street admiring the lights.

we enjoyed the ocean.
we all held hands.
we loved.
we explored.

and i got to celebrate being a mom of these two beautiful children.
and how they have shaped me into someone who is different because of them.
i am more stressed out, and often times grumpy.
but i am also happier, i smile more, i am more gracious, and i am learning to be more patient.
all because of them.
it was my favorite mother's day to date.

sun down on a fantastic vacation.
i simply can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

because i don't want to forget....

...playing outside at dusk.
...and his laugh.
...and his happiness.

...pool days on the weekends.
(and her suit!)

...the way they played hide and go seek.

...when she reads to me.
...and her toes.
....and the way her curly hair smells.

...this a-okay sunset.

...her imagination and the way she cuddled her doll underneath the tree. my neighbor came over and got the bad guys with miles for 30 min! they are so much better together than they ever are apart.

these days have more beauty than i will ever know.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

oh, camden.

let me tell you something about that sweet little face you see in that mirror.
she is trouble. she looks so sweet & innocent. but that is all an act.
she is not supposed to be up on that counter. 
and anytime i don't hear her, i have to run to make sure she is not writing on my walls or squeezing toothpaste on the floor.
this particular moment, i ran down the hall looking and she was chatting with the woman in the mirror.
so cute!! so not supposed to be up on that counter.

same here.
what does she think she's doing up on her dresser like that?
how does she even get up there? she's barely 20 pounds!

a few weeks ago, she climbed back up on the bathroom counter.
she opened up the medicine cabinet and reached up to the highest shelf.
she got the mickey mouse gummy vitamins down.
she figured out the child proof cap.
she ate half the bottle.
i had to call poison control.
they laughed at me and said it happens all the time.
we put the mickey vitamins even higher up.

a few days ago, i said, "sissygirl, what's your name?"
and she said, "uhhhhhhh, ariel!!! ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh."

she's gonna give me a run for my money, i just know it.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

camden jane is two!

dear cammie jane,
you are TWO!
you are beautiful with your big blue eyes and your curly blonde hair.
you are strong and adventurous and brave.
you are sweet and shy and sassy all at once.
you are loving and kind and caring towards others.
you are sensitive. 

you love your big brother to the max.
he is the first name you call out for when you wake up in the morning.
he is the last person you blow kisses to when you go to sleep at night.
and you may steal his toys and run and hide from him,
but because you are so compassionate, you hand it right back when you're asked to.
and then you will share your toy before he asks in return.
i tell you both every day that you are each other's best friend.

you are also determined.
and a little sneaky.
and very different than your older brother.
and i am learning to navigate through your blossoming personality.
you certainly keep me on my toes.

you love princesses. and fairy tales.
dresses. and high heels.
you love to get your hair done.
you love dirt and tractors and playing outside.

and my prayers and hopes and dreams are that you love Jesus more than anything else.
and that you learn that it is the BEST to be yourself.
i am dreaming big for you, littles.
happy second birthday, camden jane.
we all love you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

an update!

lots of new things in the katygirl designs shop!

teacher appreciation kits!
teacher appreciation week is the first week of May & this is the perfect way to say thank you to the teachers in your life.
each kit includes a 5x7 print - exclusive to this set.
a set of 4 personalized teacher notecards.
and an option to include a $5 starbucks gift card!

mother's day card sets!
includes one mother's day card & one matching "oh happy day!" card.

i made some reminders into prints!

this print was made for my friend shannan.
she spoke at the Hope Spoken conference and passed these out to the people that attended her seminar!

my friend kim posted this quote to instagram awhile back.
it stuck with me. because i feel hope when i hear it.
so naturally, i made a print.
and "the horizon" print can be found here.

there is also a sale section with only a few more items left in it.
a few prints way discounted.
once they're gone, they're gone!
find the sale section here.

i've been working on so many things! weddings, birth announcements, and more new items for the shop.
lots of big things coming up! i always post to instagram what i'm working on, so for sneak peeks and sales, follow me there at @katykristin. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend sevens.

after a long hiatus, weekend sevens are back from outer space.
some pics are grainy, some have horrid lighting. and i really want to use my big camera more.
but....i want these memories for the books!

1. you are probably wondering what is going on in this pic.
well, let me tell you.
on the left, you have my husband doing a headstand in perfect formation.
in the middle, you have my sister doing a headstand splits.
on the right, you have my mother doing her own headstand version.
my mother. as in, almost 60 and can still rock a half headstand.

2. my mom & sister's favorite part about visiting is having my kids sneak into their room in the morning.

3. coolest moment of his little life.

4. back at the park on saturday night, my sister decided it was her turn to get spun around.
i just don't know, you guys.

5. so thankful for them.
don't know what i would do without them.

6. ended the weekend by teaching miles some new bike tricks.

7. and started the week with some truths.

happy Easter week!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

ten on ten :: april 2014

1. morning cuddles on the ground.

2. saying goodbye to dad and hello to the neighbors. and the birds. and the snails. and the flies.
and the tree. and the grass. and the flowers. and the planes.
and really anything else that will listen.

3. her happy place.

4. my happy place.
for 30 seconds.
until i have to get up and go fix snacks.

5. i added a new wall sign this morning that i bought at target yesterday.
i am obsessed with it.

6. took my boy out on a date.
with matching shoes and smiles.

7. just a little painting.

8. ahhhhhh naptime.
aka worktime.
and quiet time.

9. packaging up some mother's day cards!

10. my little guy has gotten so good at his bike this week.
i can barely even keep up with him.

linking up with my friend rebekah.

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