Tuesday, April 15, 2014

an update!

lots of new things in the katygirl designs shop!

teacher appreciation kits!
teacher appreciation week is the first week of May & this is the perfect way to say thank you to the teachers in your life.
each kit includes a 5x7 print - exclusive to this set.
a set of 4 personalized teacher notecards.
and an option to include a $5 starbucks gift card!

mother's day card sets!
includes one mother's day card & one matching "oh happy day!" card.

i made some reminders into prints!

this print was made for my friend shannan.
she spoke at the Hope Spoken conference and passed these out to the people that attended her seminar!

my friend kim posted this quote to instagram awhile back.
it stuck with me. because i feel hope when i hear it.
so naturally, i made a print.
and "the horizon" print can be found here.

there is also a sale section with only a few more items left in it.
a few prints way discounted.
once they're gone, they're gone!
find the sale section here.

i've been working on so many things! weddings, birth announcements, and more new items for the shop.
lots of big things coming up! i always post to instagram what i'm working on, so for sneak peeks and sales, follow me there at @katykristin. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend sevens.

after a long hiatus, weekend sevens are back from outer space.
some pics are grainy, some have horrid lighting. and i really want to use my big camera more.
but....i want these memories for the books!

1. you are probably wondering what is going on in this pic.
well, let me tell you.
on the left, you have my husband doing a headstand in perfect formation.
in the middle, you have my sister doing a headstand splits.
on the right, you have my mother doing her own headstand version.
my mother. as in, almost 60 and can still rock a half headstand.

2. my mom & sister's favorite part about visiting is having my kids sneak into their room in the morning.

3. coolest moment of his little life.

4. back at the park on saturday night, my sister decided it was her turn to get spun around.
i just don't know, you guys.

5. so thankful for them.
don't know what i would do without them.

6. ended the weekend by teaching miles some new bike tricks.

7. and started the week with some truths.

happy Easter week!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

ten on ten :: april 2014

1. morning cuddles on the ground.

2. saying goodbye to dad and hello to the neighbors. and the birds. and the snails. and the flies.
and the tree. and the grass. and the flowers. and the planes.
and really anything else that will listen.

3. her happy place.

4. my happy place.
for 30 seconds.
until i have to get up and go fix snacks.

5. i added a new wall sign this morning that i bought at target yesterday.
i am obsessed with it.

6. took my boy out on a date.
with matching shoes and smiles.

7. just a little painting.

8. ahhhhhh naptime.
aka worktime.
and quiet time.

9. packaging up some mother's day cards!

10. my little guy has gotten so good at his bike this week.
i can barely even keep up with him.

linking up with my friend rebekah.

ten on ten button

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

embracing the offender.

the other day, miles hit camden.
i don't think it was anything more than a little sibling tiff.
but i noticed something as i was comforting cammie and figuring out what happened.
instead of turning her back on him, she started crying and saying "bubba?" with her arms open wide ready for a hug.
in our home, when you do something that hurts the other person, regardless if there is a bigger consequence, you always always must go immediately "make it right" with the other person.
which means the offender gives a hug and an "i'm sorry" and an "i love you."
and i'm teaching the offendee to say "i've already forgotten about it."
just so we are keeping short accounts and no records of wrongs, if you will.

so when i was comforting cammie and she opened her arms ready to embrace miles, it got me thinking.
she really just wanted to feel his love and to know that he was sorry.
so i called him over and told him what i tell them every time. "gotta make it right, buddy."
and he sorta looked at her sheepishly and timidly, and then walked over and hugged her and kissed her and said he was sorry.
and then it was over. they went on their ways and it was forgotten about.
i'm sure 10 minutes later someone else hurt the other's feelings and we had to work out another incident.
but for some reason this particular time stuck out to me.

i think because in today's society, embracing the offender is just not normal anymore.
we, as humans and especially women, (talking to myself here) we do the opposite of embracing when we've been hurt.
we put up walls, we change our body language, we push the other person away.
we stop trusting, we tune them out, sometimes we gossip.
i know because i do it all the time. it is HARD to embrace when we've been hurt by someone.
we want validation and we want them to pay for what they've done.

but let me tell you something. i've been the offender.
and i'm not talking about just a little offense towards someone.
i've made large mistakes and i've deeply hurt people.
and i know how it feels when someone walks up and embraces you with tears in their eyes and their arms open wide waiting to make it right and restore what was broken.
i know what it's like when after a year of hurting, someone comes back ready to walk down the road of putting the relationship back together.
it is such a warm feeling when you are holding your head down in shame and someone embraces you.
but unfortunately, i also know what it feels like when someone turns their back, puts up their defenses, and walks away.

listen, i am all about boundaries in relationships.
i have worked through that a lot because of broken relationships in my own world and life.
i think boundaries are healthy and so necessary.
and to be honest, i think every single relationship needs them.
but you know what?
they can be so stifling if we forget to learn to love the other person while keeping our boundaries.
and what if camden turned her back on miles that morning and didn't want to allow him to "make it right?"
how sad it would be for the rest of that day for him.
the shame was written on his face when he realized what he had done.
and how good it must have felt when she opened her arms up to let him know he was forgiven and it would be okay!

i just think i want to be more like camden in that moment.
i want to let the other person know that they are loved and forgiven.
even if it takes me a little bit of time to walk through something,
i still want to come out on the other side with my arms open and my defenses down.
it is what Jesus did. and still does.
what if we all did that?

Monday, April 7, 2014

the training wheels are goners.

last friday, march 28 to be exact, the kids and i were playing outside.
miles was scooting around on this new type of bike thing.
it is basically a bike without pedals and it teaches little kids to balance correctly on a bike so that when you take their training wheels off, it is easier for them.
he turned to me and said, "mommy. i think i want to take my training wheels off today."
i said, "YAY! okay! well, daddy is on his way home for lunch and we will see what he says."

when scott got home, i told him the news and we both sort of looked at each other like,
"yeah. okay. well, we will let him try."
what harm is there in trying, you know?
so scott took the wheels off and we got him all situated in our cul de sac, and gave him a little push.
and off he went. didn't fall. didn't shake. didn't think twice.
he just rode right off like he had been doing it for his entire life.

i'm not quite sure i've had a moment like that as a mom.
in fact, it has taken me over a week to blog about it.
i'm partly ecstatic for him, thrilled beyond measure. and partly sad.
where did my little toddler go?

as he took off on that bike without the training wheels, he was so trusting, so brave.
and i was SO PROUD of him. i couldn't stop smiling at him! so much pride and joy for him.
i couldn't believe that my little-almost-four-year-old just rode his bike for the first time.

a few days ago, we went on our evening family bike ride and miles got to ride his own bike around our neighborhood.
scott and i both looked at each other and just had huge smiles because we couldn't believe our little guy was so big and such an individual. he took on such a large milestone with no worries or cares.
i'm just so proud of him.

Friday, April 4, 2014

five friday finds.

five pins that stood out to me this week:

this project is absolutely fantastic. i want to do it today.

dying to throw this grilled cheese party.
i need an excuse to have a party now.

i am obsessed with this print.
it is currently sold out and i am sad i didn't jump on the chance when i had it.
the shop is found here.

i took down my front door wreath this past week.
it was 4 years old and the felt flowers were falling off.
the yarn was unraveling as well.
i believe i will be purchasing this wreath asap.

dear scooter,
since i know you are stalking my blog,
if you want to know how to improve our backyard, this picture is everything.

happy friday!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

finding beauty in every day. part two.

i still have more to blog about from my trip to arizona.
such as: kim and i drove 16 hours in two days.
we did not turn on the radio once.
i think i got sleepy for 20 minutes.
and we had real, great conversations.
here are a few phone pics that i snapped real quick.

a blooper with cole (you can find her on instagram: @colefranke) :: my good friend heather :: my good friend heather's amazing and inspirational home :: finally got to meet my dear friend lesley.

**my little guy. or big guy.
he's turning into such a brave and fun and neat little guy.
i am so proud of who he is becoming.

**we took a day trip to the coast.
i'll let you guess who was happy and who was angry in this pic.

**i always put their snacks down in the seats across from each other.
they always end up right next to each other.

**two years ago, one of my closest friends Sarah Jane gave birth to a baby girl named Charley Jane.
exactly three weeks later (almost to the minute!), i gave birth to Cammie Jane.
i think about the two of them a lot and how i hope someday, they are as close as their mama and me.
clearly by their smiles in the above picture, they are on the right track.

swinging sissy in the sunshine :: holding hands on an evening walk :: reading with the twinke lights :: turning 2 in 2.5 weeks. can't even handle it.

soaking up every minute of the springtime air.