Tuesday, September 2, 2014

and that's a wrap on august.

first things first.
let's discuss the mug swap.
i believe the mug swap is turning into a national holiday.
1200 people joined in on the fun this year. bomb.
i personally feel like i hit the jackpot. i sent to my girl lesley.
lesley and i have been good friends for 2 years now.
we met in arizona in march so i thought it would be fun to go with a little arizona theme.
but i couldn't show that in the pics because she would know. 
she already was asking me sneaky questions.

[succulent notecards found here.]

and my best dude sent them off at the usps.
can you get any cuter? i think not. i love him.

and then in return, i got such a sweet package from my new friend thuy.
so many of my favorite things in this box!

it was so much fun to open. i loved every single item in that package!
thank you, thuy! i'm so glad we are new friends.

and also, thank you kim.
since kim is one of my favorite friends, 
i hear about all the hard work that she puts into this mug swap every day. 
and this year, it was extra special because we got to bless the hopper family by contributing to their adoption.
i mean, isn't that what it is all about?
KIM: thank you for giving us all such a great opportunity.
thank you for being patient with everyone. for answering countless comments and emails.
for setting aside so many hours to work on something that turns out so fabulous for so many people.
i am so glad that i get to be a part of it every year. i can't wait til next year! 11 more months.

and now that it is september 2nd,
let's wrap up the rest of august.
speaking of september 2nd,
it is my dad's 60th birthday!
we got to have dinner with him this past weekend.
happy birthday, dad! gimme your garden.

and mostly always a pleasure hanging out with my sis.

she bought a new home and we planned out her first gallery wall.
you know how i feel about gallery walls.
i will also say this: her fashion compared to my fashion is like my decorating compared to her decorating.
she helps me with my fashion and without her i'd be lost. wearing tapered levi's from 1998.
and she'd be putting peach and navy wallpaper up on her living room walls if i didn't step in.

and we also got to hang out with my mom.
i love her.
she took the kids to nordstrom to get new shoes.
it was an adventure, if you will.
thanks for being so patient, mom! and for the awesome new shoes.
this picture is a glimpse into my future.
cammie is all about it - ready to strut her stuff - and miles is like, eh.

speaking of miles.
i walked into my bedroom last week and this is what i found.
i love it. i want to frame it and keep it forever.

and speaking of cammie:

i'm just not ready.
i sit in the bathroom with her for 20 minutes sometimes.
i just.....i need to work on my patience.

i read this quote last week.
it was super convicting to me.
there are some things i've been anxious about lately.
and i'm not usually an anxious person.
so i've really had to process these things.
 and work through them and realize that it is a prideful choice for me to worry about them.
God's got it all.

so. august came to a hot end.
a 102 degree end, to be honest.

and i would say that this summer was extremely difficult for me.
lots of factors went into that.
but. i have hope.
lots of people talk about how they wish summer would last forever.
but for me, it is not that way.
and the very thought of september brings me a hope that i've been missing for several months.
so much beauty to look forward to.
crisp air, leaves changing, scarves and boots and skinny jeans.
but not only that, i feel that God has been working on some areas in my heart.
and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
the forecast may say 99 degrees for the next 10 days,
but i know in my heart it is coming.
and that is what hope is about, right?

dry, desert-y seasons don't have to last forever.
be good to us, september.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ten things.

10. sometimes i hear her say to her bubba,
"dance with me bubba."
and then he grabs her hands and swings her around.
and once in a lifetime, i am lucky to snap a pic.

9. they are always holding hands.
when she's scared, when he protects.
when they feel safe with each other.

8. new print in the shop.

7. speaking of new print, been working a ton the last few weeks.
finishing up old projects, starting on new ones.
and putting the final details on my 2015 calendars.

6. and speaking of the calendars,
they will be in the shop on october 1.

5. scotty painted my piano white.
i have asked for years.
and i'm beyond grateful, excited, ecstatic. 
miss lorieloo is taking family pics in a month and i'm so excited to redo that photo wall.
i've got plans, y'all.

4. miles started preschool.
it is good for him. it is good for me.
but i sure do miss my guy for those 3 hours.

3. speaking of missing miles,
cammie jane asks for him the minute he leaves.
we are learning to enjoy our alone time together.
i think we will get used to it soon.

2. on the 2nd day of school, miles came home with a nasty cold that knocked everyone off their feet.
except for me. yippee.

1. and finally, this child.
she keeps me on my toes more than i ever imagined she would.
she came into this world so quiet, calm, and compliant.
boy have things changed. ;)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

dear miles.

dear miles,
tomorrow, you start your first day of preschool.
i have a lot of thoughts about it, but mainly i am really excited for you.
i think you are so ready. you are so social, you love to play, you love to laugh.
you will do great. you will thrive.

i have been nervous.
nervous because you are my best little guy. i will miss you.
nervous because i want you to obey your teacher.
all day today i worried about such little stuff like, "what if he gets hungry before snack time?"
but ultimately i know you're gonna be great.

then tonight, i had this thought.
"what if kids are mean to him?"
i started praying about it for you.
that people would love you - i know they will.
and then i started worrying that you will be mean to other kids.
you are the sweetest little boy, so i am sure that won't happen.
but we all have our moments.
and so instead of praying that people will love you,
i started praying that you will love others.

listen miles, you're only 4. 
but you're gonna learn real quick that there are sometimes kids that people don't like.
maybe they dress funny. maybe they smell bad. maybe they bug people.
and you have a choice. 
you can either be like everyone else and run from them on the playground.
try to get a seat far away from them. pretend they don't sit at your table.

or you can walk towards them. you can ask them if they want to sit by you at snack time.
you can share your playdoh with them. you can play with them at recess.
and better yet, you can call them your friend.
you will have this choice your whole life. 
i didn't always make the right choice.
it is hard when it goes against the popular thing to do.
but i think that if you learn right now to love people and invite them in,
[even when no one else is]
you will experience a lot of love in return.
and miles, you have such a big heart with such a bright light in it.
i know you will shine that light for others. and for Jesus.

this is my prayer for you.
tomorrow is a big day for you.
the start of a big adventure!
i'm so excited for you.
i love you to the moon,

Monday, August 11, 2014

hey there.

[collage from top to bottom]

-yogurt date with my boy.
-camden decided she would not leave the house unless she was wearing her brother's light-up lightning mcqueen shoes.
-a happy sunset.
-girlfriend's gotta do what she's gotta do.
-my faves.
-we live at the pool. my favorite time is dusk.
-slip n slides are different when you are 33. 
-giving my girl a manicure.
-i love my little guy to the moon. and back.

this summer has been interesting.
a lot of really hard days.
a lot of learning days.
a lot of sweet days.
and i guess this space was quiet because i can only take on so much.
when it comes to each day, my family is my highest priority.
and then my work. what started as a little tiny business has now become something we depend on.
and after that, there's not a lot of time.
so the memories have gone undocumented.

but...there will be a day that i forget the sweet memories that stick out in my mind so fresh right now.
so on the days that are a little less full, i hope to get these memories down on paper. 
and while this summer has not always been what i thought it would be,
i know there is always, always growth involved. 

here's to a new week.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

my favorite 5 days.

a few months ago, i asked scott if we could take 5 days as a family and go down south.
i wanted to take the kids to disneyland and i wanted to go to newport.
and all miles wanted was a chocolate covered banana.
so we went. and it was one of my most favorite times ever as a family.
we laughed, we relaxed, we rode rides, we saw old friends.
it was perfect with all its imperfections.

i had an hour in anthropologie by myself.
we rode bikes on the newport boardwalk.
we walked around balboa and my kids cuddled the whole time.
there is always money in the banana stand.

we went to disneyland and she thought she owned the place.
we watched the sunset in california adventure.
we gave minnie mouse kisses.
we walked up and down main street admiring the lights.

we enjoyed the ocean.
we all held hands.
we loved.
we explored.

and i got to celebrate being a mom of these two beautiful children.
and how they have shaped me into someone who is different because of them.
i am more stressed out, and often times grumpy.
but i am also happier, i smile more, i am more gracious, and i am learning to be more patient.
all because of them.
it was my favorite mother's day to date.

sun down on a fantastic vacation.
i simply can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

because i don't want to forget....

...playing outside at dusk.
...and his laugh.
...and his happiness.

...pool days on the weekends.
(and her suit!)

...the way they played hide and go seek.

...when she reads to me.
...and her toes.
....and the way her curly hair smells.

...this a-okay sunset.

...her imagination and the way she cuddled her doll underneath the tree.

...how my neighbor came over and got the bad guys with miles for 30 min!

...how they are so much better together than they ever are apart.

these days have more beauty than i will ever know.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

oh, camden.

let me tell you something about that sweet little face you see in that mirror.
she is trouble. she looks so sweet & innocent. but that is all an act.
she is not supposed to be up on that counter. 
and anytime i don't hear her, i have to run to make sure she is not writing on my walls or squeezing toothpaste on the floor.
this particular moment, i ran down the hall looking and she was chatting with the woman in the mirror.
so cute!! so not supposed to be up on that counter.

same here.
what does she think she's doing up on her dresser like that?
how does she even get up there? she's barely 20 pounds!

a few weeks ago, she climbed back up on the bathroom counter.
she opened up the medicine cabinet and reached up to the highest shelf.
she got the mickey mouse gummy vitamins down.
she figured out the child proof cap.
she ate half the bottle.
i had to call poison control.
they laughed at me and said it happens all the time.
we put the mickey vitamins even higher up.

a few days ago, i said, "sissygirl, what's your name?"
and she said, "uhhhhhhh, ariel!!! ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh."

she's gonna give me a run for my money, i just know it.