Sunday, November 2, 2014

The KGD Christmas Collection.

The KGD CHRISTMAS COLLECTION is now in the shop!
there are a lot of different varieties and options. i'm excited!

there are over 20 premade cards.
some have several color options, some have different sayings.
some come with one photo option, some come with multiple.
here are a few examples:

happy holidays, deer (comes in a vertical option & a horizontal option)
also found in this merry christmas, deer option as well.

it's the happiest season
(comes in 4 different options)

silent night, holy night

it's a wonderful life
created with a 4 picture option, 6 picture option & 12 picture option.
designed with instagram pics in mind. :)

and each card comes with a double-sided option.

this is the let every heart prepare him room card in blush.
each card has 3 options for an additional side.
you can choose between a patterned background, a one-photo background where you can also add a brief message, and a photo collage with room for a brief sentence.

each double-sided option will coordinate with the front of the card.

there are also Christmas notecards.

and also Christmas tags!

and finally, several Christmas/Holiday prints.
pictured above is the "There Is Wonderful Joy Ahead" in the red option.

i also open up 30 spots for custom (you tell me what you want) card designs.
i have about 10 spots remaining. if you are interested in a custom card design instead of a premade photo card, go ahead and email me! i'd love to answer any questions you might have!

happy shopping, you guys!
i love this time of year, i am always reminded of how much there is to be thankful for.

Friday, October 31, 2014

orange october.

things got a little intense this october.
once the giants won the wildcard game,
the anxiety took over. it became all us Bay Areans (or native, if you will) could talk about.
scott knew that if a game was on, my mood would change drastically with each inning.
i also learned not to shout things at the TV in front of my children.

also, side note. scotty is SUCH a fairweather fan. i do not allow such things in this home.
he was a dodgers fan all season and then oh! giants are in the playoffs! what do you know!
fake. unacceptable. they know his heart.
mother-in-law: i know you're reading this.
don't let him fool you. stick with me.

this is when the giants got their place in the world series.
the 3rd world series in 5 years.
i jumped off the bed.
scott took a blurry pic of it.

we're all about san fran around here.

an hour before the world series was over, we had a dinner to go to for a friend's birthday.
cuppakim was texting me every time we got an out. so was sarah jane.
when it was down to one out left, i excused myself from the table and went to the bar area.
all i heard in there was,
"i HATE the giants."
"the giants suck."
"let someone else win."
clearly you can see by the men looking at me that i was the minority.
haters gonna hate. shake it off.

and...giants WIN! 
3rd world series in 5 years.
2010. 2012. 2014.
amazing. doesn't get better.

on the morning after, i took miles on a date.
i told him, "listen buddy, giants gear might not be popular where we live.
but we are gonna wear it loud and proud today.
it is our day to be proud."
and we got high 5's at target.
and one worker gave miles a candy for being a fan.
and us giants fans are still on cloud nine.

dear giants,
see you in 2016.
i'll give you 2015 off just for kicks and giggles.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

dear camden jane.

dear camden jane,
let's talk about you for a second.
last week, as i was getting miles ready for the day,
i suddenly heard some sort of liquid spilling out.
i ran into the bathroom which was literally around the corner.
and there you are. on the floor. with hyland's nighttime cough medicine for kids.
except, the bottle was now empty.
and the funny thing is, that before you went into that bathroom and got the bottle out,
the bottle was actually in a sealed box.
with the plastic wrapper still on the childproof lid.
and yet, here it was empty.
so that means you a) climbed on the counter and got the box off the highest shelf.
b) climbed back down onto the floor.
c) opened the box.
d) opened the seal.
e) opened the CHILDPROOF LID.
f) drank half the bottle.
g) poured the rest on the floor.

now don't you worry, little girl.
i called poison control immediately and they said you'd be fine.
but good lord, child. how in the world? 
this makes me nervous for the future. 
you are very determined in your little mind and heart.

now that miles is in school, we get to spend a lot of time together.
and i am learning a lot about your little heart.
you are fiercely determined. you are strong in your decisions.
you have your mind made up. you are independent.
you are sneaky and naughty and your choices prove you are curious.
and while sometimes i feel that every day is an uphill climb with you,
i know that your heart is tender.
and gentle. and you have such a sensitivity towards others.
you are kind, and loving. i watch you express your concern and your cares.

there is one thing that i've grown to love about you.
because this part of you reminds me of myself.
you always want to do something on your own.
you never want help. you always say, "i can do it."
and you try and you try and you try.
and i used to argue because i knew you couldn't open the applesauce on your own.
or you couldn't put your pants on by yourself.
and it would save so much time if i could just fasten your seat belt without you always wanting to do it yourself.
but now i let you try.
i let you try until you've tried so much that you just come over and say, 
"i need help, mommy."
and i can see the defeat on your face. 
the desire and need for someone to come along side you 
and guide you through what you're asking for.
and then i teach you how to open the applesauce.
and i help you put your pants on.
i guide you through how to pedal your own bike.

and i've realized that is how i am with God.
when he's called me to something (like this parenting gig - especially this parenting gig),
a lot of times i say, "i can do this. i got this. i don't need help."
and then after trying and trying and trying,
i humbly go to him and say, "i don't got this. i can't do this by myself. i need you, Lord."
and he embraces me. and guides me. and directs me.
and we do it together. instead of apart.
wouldn't you agree it is better that way?

cammie jane,
girl. you've got me dreaming big dreams for you.
it is you and me together. you're teaching me so much.
& i'm a better person because of you.

but please. please stop climbing on my counters and drawing on my tables.
i'm tired. and i may need a drink.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

disney days.

the summer break is over and we're back at it, baby.
you thought i meant the world series. 
you know, giants winning on the even years and all.
but not quite yet...
i just meant we've been enjoying a few trips to disneyland!

this was on the tea cups.
i took this cute picture and then scott's said my face turned from excited
i think this might have been my last tea cup ride for awhile.
seems like cammie agrees.

but she DID get to ride her first roller coaster.
the toon town roller coaster, if you will.
she loved it, asked to ride it over & over.
a girl after my own heart.

we got to go down with my mom & sis.
it was a blast! i wish i had a pic of my sister on tower of terror.
i've never seen or heard anything like it!
i was worried she was gonna wet her pants all over both of us. 

and i just got back from going on the annual "disney day with kim."
the above picture is what i like to call:
"my eyes were squinty and i was trying to keep them open."
it is beautiful, isn't it?
the good news is that my scarf is beautiful, and you can find it here.

it may seem like i caught rad air on this pic.
it is an optical illusion.
my right foot is almost touching the ground.
it is hard to jump high when you can't run.

i have also decided another option for titles of this post could be,
"katy's many faces."
exhibit A: my face on thunder mountain.

and! i was just enjoying a nice mickey mouse pretzel when all of the sudden,
i saw Clare from The Bachelor walk by!
now, on the show, she was sort of stage 5 clinger-ish, 
BUT! in real life, her face is flawless and she was super sweet.
she even complimented me on my sweatshirt.

we will be back for 4 days in a few weeks.
i can't wait.
you'll have snowflakes and icicles in 80 degree weather.
my heart will melt right along with them.
see you and your twinkle lights then.

thirteen memories.

bedtime routines.

sharing secrets.

s'mores bars.
found here.


morning laughs.

nailing the first school pic.

date night.

pumpkin cake with browned butter glaze.
found here.
make it asap.

putting her to work.



making cookies with my boy.

letting the sun set on expectations and discouragements.
learning to enjoy today and where God has us right now.
life is better that way.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

meet us in SF.

at the beginning of august, brooke & brian came to visit.
it is hard to put into words how amazing the week was.
we went to the giants vs. pirates game.
we swam in the pool every day.
we took them down to newport & downtown disney.
brooke helped me with my orders.
scott & brian had great conversation.
my kids were and still are obsessed with them.
it was a week packed to the brim of excitement. 
lots of tears were shed when we dropped them off at the airport.

it had been 14 months since i had seen brooke.
but there is something about being in the presence of your best friend.
life changes and things happen and we miss out on so much of it,
but we are able to pick up right where we need to.
it is the best. & i'm saving every penny for the next time.

i read this quote awhile ago & it reminded me of brooke and has stuck with me.
"i want to be around people that do things.
i don't want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do.
i want to be around people that dream, and support, and do things."
[amy poehler]

brooke & brian.
you bring out the dreamer in both of us.
come back, i'll get the dominoes ready.