Thursday, February 24, 2011



first things first:
yesterday someone knocked on my door.
left a bouquet of flowers.
then ran to their car and sped off.
if it's you, will you please confess?
i just want you to know how thankful i am!
and if you won't confess,
please know - you made my day anyway.
[edit: thank you lorieloo. i know you didn't want the credit, but i'm giving it to you. you know just when i need stuff like that. i love that about you.]

now onto confession time:
i still use christmas mugs.
somewhere, somehow i lost all my mugs.
i have three non-christmas mugs.
so what do you do when those are dirty?
use the christmas ones.
guess it's time to start a new mug collection.


i'm in love with my bottle brush.
i thought it was one of those gimmicks that stores make so that you'll buy more of their stuff.
and it probably is.
but i love mine and find myself using it at all times of the day.
i'll even wash random things with it just so i can use it.
p.s. scott is a sucker for gimmicks.


true story:
when i was a senior in high school i went through a rebellious stage. i got a bad grade on a progress report and i knew my parents would be upset with me. so i planned on taking the report card from the mailbox and throwing it away. no big deal.

until my dad told me he had the week off and was working around the house.

so i had to think fast. i knew i would be grounded if they saw the progress report. so i went to a friend's house and called the local post office. i told them we were going on vacation and we needed our mail stopped for a week. then i went to the post office every day after school and brought the mail home.

i thought i was genius. i mean, don't you think so?
until i went to work on saturday and the mail lady was walking by and my dad asked why we didn't have any mail. and she told him she thought we were on vacation.
and then i got a call at work.

and then i got grounded for the rest of the school year.
ohhhhhh the consequences we pay for doing lame stuff.

[write your own confessions!]
and then make sure you leave a comment and tell me you did so i can come read them!


p.s. i laugh until my stomach hurts and then cry until my eyes are puffy every week when i watch parenthood. it's an emotional roller coaster every time. anyone with me?


  1. I did it! :)
    I don't even have kids that use a bottle and I use the bottle brush for everything. I love that thing it is the best!
    I will buy you a coffee mug when we meet. A little present for a special friend!
    I want someone to leave flowers on my doorstep!! so nice!

  2. um parenthood rocks my world.

    I die laughing every time I hear that story, and Scott thought it was pretty hilarious when I told him the other day.

    I love you.

  3. BAH! that mail story is hilarious. you've got balls. i mean, err....oh well. makes for a great story though! totally worth being grounded, eh?

  4. That's hilarious! You have guts. I would die of guilt before for even thinking up that plan.

    I did some confessions, too, and linked over to your page!

  5. That. is. HILARIOUS!! I am laughing so hard. You were smart! I never would've thought ofthat.

  6. Awesome story :o)

    I love my bottle brush too! I just realized after a few months of using it that there was a nipple brush inside the handle. I was super excited!

  7. Your blog is FABULOUS - first of all! And can I just say that I have a cupboard full of mugs of every size (Christmas and non) and if we were neighbors I would totally give you a dozen! :-)
    I am going over to my blog right now to do my confessions for you... Can't wait to read more of your blog - definitley following happily - Happy Thursday!

  8. you were a PILL to live with during the rebellious stage. im glad we've moved past that.

  9. hilarious.

    i can't even imagine coming up with something that incredibly awesome. :)

    hmmm. seriously thinking of some random confessions right now. check back in a bit.

  10. i did it too! May just have to check out Parenthood. :)

  11. did you design your blog header? im literally obsessed over it. i might be drooling, but thats embarassing. super cute.

  12. you make me laugh.

    :):):) can we hang out? mmkay.

  13. Great photos!
    I love the first one with the mug, it's so brilliant :D

  14. your blog is really cool!
    I love it!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  15. i read your 'love story' over at take was so sweet! i love your blog! :)

  16. i just found your blog through Band of Brothers. LOVE! and love the chai confessions. so glad i found your blog :)

  17. I wrote out one of a bagillion childhood confessions. If my Mom only knew half of the junk I did. Here is my post
    Also I still LOVE bottle brushes they are the best things invented along with the pacifier clips. :)

  18. Oh man, I have more Christmas mugs than regular. That's what happens when you teach for 8 years! Every student gives you a mug it seems...from the Dollar Store. But I just can't get rid of them. And yes, bottle brushes have sat by my sink for 6 years. My son is 6 years. Clearly he doesn't take a bottle anymore, but they are great for sippy cups too, ya know? No shame.


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