Sunday, September 4, 2011

camping inside.

my sweet friend becca had a baby about a month ago and it was time to throw her a shower!
i had been thinking how fun it would be to throw a camping shower so one of my friends and i got together and started planning. it was so much fun to plan this fun shower for our friend! 
all of these pictures were taken inside at night so it was a little difficult to get the lighting correct but i tried my best to salvage some of them. 

i created some really fun invites to set the tone for the theme and color scheme of the big day.
names and details changed for privacy. :)

camping copy

i uploaded the invite into my new little etsy shop.
it's closed right now 'cause i'm on vaca. :)

i wish i had better pics of all the little details and decorations! 
my friend alisha made the cutest little banners that we hung around the house.


i took two Christmas trees that i had in the garage and we hung this banner from them. it went on one of the food tables.


we used mason jars for the cups and i just tied twine around them with little tags bought at an office store.
the cute orange and white striped paper straws are bought from hey yo yo.


we cut a log in all different sizes and placed food tags on top that coordinated with the invites.
and alisha made these amazing s'mores cake pops.


becca's favorite cupcakes are spice so we made spice cupcakes and just added a coordinating cupcake topper! easy!



my friend christie made these amazing s'mores chocolate chip cookies.


and my friend lorie made these ridiculously yummy s'mores rice krispie treats.


for a favor, we just kept it super easy and just added a cute coordinating tag to a bag of trail mix!


we all love you, becca! and we all love samuel!
i know, i know. horrible picture below. but i had to show the party girl and babe!!



  1. Adorable! That is totally MY dream future baby shower :)

  2. twas an adorable sweet special shower and i had the bestest time ever! you gals are the bosses of par-tays.
    and LOLOLOLOL about the Smiths being on both yours and bec's last names. yours shoulda been jones dude!

  3. amazing ... love all the detail ... absolutely perfect!

  4. katy!! this theme is adorable.
    i love every detail you've shared-CUTENESS!
    and holla for your new shop! xo

  5. That is so cute, such unique ideas. Those smore's cookies look delish! Stopping by via life made lovely

  6. yay! just had a baby shower for my SIL.

    looove all your ideas. i may have to borrow some for the future.


  7. I love the trail mix bags!! What a cute idea!

  8. This is all so cute. I LOVE going to showers where the newborn is in attendance. :)

  9. love the campy theme! i'm going to convince one of my kids they need to do a camp party sometime! great party!

  10. So creative and fun! I love the theme.

  11. so it I ever have another baby, you'll throw me a shower right??? This is so cute! Good job.

  12. that is ADORABLE!!!! :-) love it!

  13. ADOOOOOOOOOOOORABLE!!! I hope my one of my two girlies are having boys so I can copy your shower!!! :)Can't wait to order from the shop!!! Hopefully we get to see you on your vacation!!!

  14. Oh my goodness! This is really adorable!!

  15. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I love every single little detail of this shower!! I just may have to try and recreate some of this magic for my son's birthday. Fabulous!!

  16. Adorable, every detail is absolutely perfect!

  17. wow-ee! that was quite the shindig! super cute. love it all! s'more rice krispies?! YES, PLEASE! :)

  18. So glad you posted pics!!! The shower was AMAZING sweet friend! I felt so loved! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    p.s. Can I get copies of these pictures please? ;)

  19. love it--such a cute idea and fun lil details!

  20. What a FUN shower! Love the original idea of a campfire theme. So cute!

  21. cutest party EVER!!! love the invitations, DARLING!.


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