Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy girl.

we've talked about it on here many times - my love for mail, that is.
magic happens in my mail box during the month of december because of all the Christmas cards arriving. 
and then last heart skipped 87 beats because a package arrived almost every day. 
every day, people!!! 

the first one was from hannah girl
i won a sweet Christmas giveaway on her blog and got this box full of goodies. 
this picture does not have the bag of coffee in it because i have already drank it.


and then came my SWEET mug from my dear friend and boss, heather.
i want to use it all year long. is that a crime?


my baby girl got the cutest little headband EVER from miss molly june and baby eden.


then came a gigantic box from my bestie. there was something for the whole family!
we pick a theme every year and we have a budget that we have to stick to.
this year's theme was stationary and such. we both love the store Paper Source.
i am pretty sure she spent over the limit.
we also both love American Idol and we text each other like freaks the whole time.
[also: one night we thought there was going to be a huge announcement and so we skyped each other during Jay Leno only to find out there was really no announcement at all. we live on opposite ends of the country so that took a lot of hard work to plan that out.]

Picnik collage

and last but not least, i ordered a new print from the wheatfield for my collage wall!
i also ordered one for my sister for her santa gift but it didn't get here in time. sad. 
but i'm so excited to hang it on the wall! 


and then when you get distracted with your presents & mail, this happens:

Picnik collage

so now we are entering january and Christmas card season is over.
so that means we go back to bills and catalogs.
but last week was magical, i tell you.

does anyone out there love mail as much as i do?


  1. I have had a penpal since I was 15 (so now we've been writing each other for 17 years.) I'm always over the moon when I get a letter from her. :)

  2. I am shamelessly thrilled by Christmas cards in the mail. Happy 2012!

  3. YES! I love getting anything other than bills. It just lights up my day. It feels like it is more personalized and direct.

    I wish that the card season, wasn't over either.

  4. girl, you got HOOKED UP! I love mail too and when a package come I sweetly vow to send a gift every day of the year to SOMEONE. Its not going to happen, but I still love that feeling and want to pass it on.

  5. is it weird that i want baby girl's headband as my own?
    love you!

  6. I love Christmas mail too! That is the main reason why the 80+ Christmas cards that I send out every year are all handmade!! Have a great 2012!

  7. I got that mug too and I will be using it all year because it is just too cute to put away for the year!!

  8. Love that print! Back to more fun mail for awhile ;)

  9. I was with T @ Target & almost bought you that mug- but then I thought- "Nope- Heather is gonna buy it for her- I just know it." :)

  10. Happy things truly do come in small packages don't they? Here's to a Happy New Year!

  11. yeah...i went through a little depression when i realized my mail box was no longer going to be filled with christmas cards. i'm with mail!!!

  12. holla for mail!! happy, happy post. love that print, and starbucks cups are my boyfriend.

    happiest new year, katy!

  13. yes, yes, yes!! Getting the mail is a simple joy for me every day especially in December!

  14. what a week! you sure are loved :)


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