Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i still cringe thinking about it.

thursday morning i woke up to 87 text messages.
well, that was a slight exaggeration. but there were a lot. one of my closies had her baby boy!
so that night we met at the hospital. my dear friend davi is a photog so she had all her equipment ready to go for a spur-of-the-moment photo shoot.
when we were walking in she said, "you guys, i can't believe we brought the tripod."
to which i quickly corrected her: "um, davi? YOU brought the tripod. don't try to blame this on us."
and so it began...non-stop laughter for the next hour.


i get really nervous around babies. i don't really know how to hold babies that aren't my own.
i'm scared of the head bobble.



we are a really crazy bunch, let me tell you. we have a lot of weird jokes that should not be repeated on the world wide web. we were laughing hard...like really loud and really hard. and then there was a knock on the door and in walked a nurse.

"hey girls. could you keep it down a little bit? we can hear you very loudly all the way to the nurse's station."

talk about embarrassment.


i was always the teacher's pet in school and rarely got in trouble. maybe like twice in my whole life. the other girls didn't even care that we got reprimanded but i was a nervous wreck for the rest of the time. i did not tell one joke for the rest of the night. that is sort of a lie, but i would never admit that in public.

here's where i was telling mel that i would not be holding her baby:

IMG_9766 copy

and here is where we were pretending to lay hands on baby boy, but in real life we were judging chipped nail polish:


before i went to bed that night, i sent a text that said that i wouldn't be able to sleep because i was still worried about the nurses being mad at me. which is true. i am still worried about it.

small a

i will only let my friends come to visit me & baby girl if they color coordinate their outfits for the impromptu photo shoot and take turns in the room because i refuse to get in trouble.

i love them though. and sometimes i instigate. but only sometimes. its mostly christie.


  1. hahahhaaha! this looks so fun. p.s. you may have been a teachers pet, but that doesn't mean you were an angel...stopping the mail and all. nice cover though, the whole teachers pet thing.

  2. i might need to stop reading your blog cause I'm struggling a little too much with jealousy. The pictures make me miss having friends close, especially you and Davi! (and I'm the exact same way about getting into trouble. I might have been in tears or put into early labor)

  3. omg this post is hilarious. i'm dying.
    you guys are funny. and gorgeous.
    and really funny.

    this looks like the funnest baby arrival of life.

    i'm so glad you will be making sure there will be rules, and color coordination for your baby's arrival.

  4. OK, so as the mom let me clear the air regarding teacher's pet. Yes, IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ONLY, you were a meek, mild mannered, compliant child, therefore, the teachers definitely enjoyed you. Then Kristy came along.....oh my word. She. Made. Up. For. It.
    I wonder if it's because you bit her and it caused some damage????

  5. ha! this is so awesome! i love these~

  6. my stomach hurt all night from getting in trouble. also from laughing. but mostly from getting in trouble.

    i am coming to visit you and baby girl in my shadiest outfit with a dripping wet ponytail and chippy chipped nail polish. and i will hold her darling little bobble-headed self all night long. so there.

    that hospital makes the best burgers. the end.

  7. dude, that nurse TOTES chewed us out...and that's putting in mildly.

    and no i did not mind getting yelled at because i had no idea we were so noisy. twas an honest mistake and we were quiet as church mice the rest of the night.

    i really hope you win mrs. priss's hospy gown, so we can start the mad color coordination of outfits. of course Christie will be their with her shiv., not much i can do about that.

  8. you are so funny i can't stand it. i love you, girl.
    i would be the same way about the nurses.
    i get flipped off by drivers (i must suck at driving?) and it REALLY hurts my feelings.
    for days.

  9. My gosh, that is hysterical!!
    I would freak out if I got in trouble....makes me sick to think about it. Ha!

  10. hahaa!!! love this. you gals look like fun. :)


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