Friday, January 13, 2012

just a bunch of random stuff.

it is finally friday. 
we've got a full weekend of football playoffs ahead. 
any football fans out there other than me? 

i wanted to share some fun links that i saw this week but before i do, i first wanted to tell you some exciting shop news!
we are now offering custom card designs
- for announcements, invitations, stationary, and holidays. 
you can read more about it here and view some samples here.

here are a few of my favorites from the last few months:

birthday invitation:


holiday card:

alyss1 copy

baby shower invitation:

check out the portfolio for more options!


here are some fun links i found this week:

i'm not even gluten free and i'm going to try these healthy snacks for miles and myself.
this quote is really, really cool.
i had already bought these cute mailboxes and now i have a fun DIY to do with them.
i died laughing when i read this blog post. the vid, folks.
i know you didn't miss these amazing valentines, right?
i still think about this post all the time. so inspiring.

i hope you have a great weekend!
and i hope the saints win!
and that a miracle happens and that the broncos win!



  1. HUGE football fan here! praying for that same Bronco's miracle :)

    still read that post on "under the sycamore", too! very inspiring!

  2. playoffs, pizza.....PACKERS! happy weekend to you <3

  3. That snack post is fantastic. And I totally went to that blog & stuck up for the cloth TP lady. :)

  4. LOVE football. i've been thinking about saturday night's game all week long! but i'm a patriots girl all the way. i went to school with wes welker at texas tech and he is pretty much amazing on the field. the custom cards are super cute btw!

    have a great weekend :)

  5. yes ma'am. playoff party tomorrow.
    lots and lots and lots of good food.
    lord help me.

    roll 9ers. ;)

  6. These are so cute - I LOVE the baby shower invite!!

  7. definitely challenged to do the same.
    i hope the saints win too. i banned the NFL (my son watches 24/7) channel so i wasn't on football overload come this weekend.
    oh and as far as this weather goes...if i cant change it embrace. although i'd really like it to rain.

  8. I LOVE that colorful birthday party invite, hmmmm maybe because you created it for my sweet girls!!! ;) Your talents are AMAZING!!!

  9. love the rainbow invite. wow.
    great links. also you are great.


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