Tuesday, January 17, 2012

on being 25 weeks pregnant.

Picnik collage

baby girl:
i cannot believe there are only 15 weeks left til you're here! i should start thinking about your nursery. yikes.

i had a big ultrasound and they said your legs are long and skinny. aka: exact opposite of mine.

the other day your dad said, "wow! you are starting to get that cute pregnancy wobble!" i am stilllllll wondering if that is good or bad.

you must love sour candy. i never liked candy until i was pregnant with you. now i want sour patch kids all the time. so bizarre. also the other day i needed charleston chews. charleston chews.....???

when i ask your brother where his baby sister is, he [used] to point right at you. now he points to my boob. i try re-directing but it hasn't worked yet. i am very unsure of what to do about this.

i have to wear a non-medicated pregnancy version of ben-gay all the time on my ribs because you press up against them. 
i smell like an old man and your dad gags. 

i never had a single craving with your brother. i crave such weird things this time around. the other day at 9:30 p.m., i HAD to have cheesy potatoes. i texted all my friends and asked where i could find cheesy potatoes at such an hour. no one had any ideas so i made your dad go down to jack-in-the-box and bring me back a single hashbrown. true story.

i am not really sappy person...so i haven't really wanted these letters to you to be super sappy. 
but i will say this: when your brother sits on my lap and cuddles up and i'm holding him close and i can feel you kicking inside me...something in my world feels whole and complete. like all is right for those few minutes. 
feels good for my soul.


  1. lookin' good, momma!! lookin' good!!

    I get that same warm, fuzzy feeling when Mad is leaning up against me & B is wiggling inside just inches from him! magical!

  2. when i was pregnant, kust a few short months ago, my 2 year old son would also point to my boobs when asked where the baby was.....kinda awkward! lol

  3. sweet letter, katy! you're such a toats adorbs prego

  4. yay for being over half way there! i think girls are more high maintaince from the beginning. being preggo with E was way easier than both girls.

  5. ooh,those sweet little moments are the best!
    p.s. i'm not even sure what a charleston chew is?

  6. this is my problem with having prego friends. their cravings become my cravings.
    i'm serious.

    its called prego-sympathetic-craving-itis.
    it's a real thing.

    freaking hash brown, charleston chew, and sour patch.
    nope dont want them.
    nope. nope. nope.
    {telling myself that}

    ps, maybe big bro is just psyching himself up for where little sis will be hanging around when she arrives. you know, geographically, on mama.

  7. for not being sappy that last paragraph made me super teary eyed. i SO know what you mean.

  8. GAAAAAH! love. love. love. you are THE cutest with that belly. and 25 weeks? really? HOW did that happen?

  9. I had the weirdest cravings with my girls also...just like you, I would crave something and HAVE to have it no matter what. Mostly chicken salad sandwiches or pizza.

  10. I STILL am not ready for baby #2 but this post got me a baby step...really tiny baby step...closer ;)

  11. dying that Miles thinks baby girl is in your boobie. too hilarious.

    you are a funny one with these updates katygirl. funny funny girl. love you. smooch!

  12. dang you are are cute.
    the boob thing is awesome.
    when i nurse selah ashlynn asks, "why selah eat your boobies?!"

  13. Oh my goodness look at all that cuteness. I miss being pregnant! It is an amazing gift the Lord gives us!!

  14. You look amazing chick! love the boobs thing--ha! caleb did the same thing when i was pre go with Z~

  15. awwwww.... :) Super cute post! I haven't started pn our nursery either...yikes. I bought my daughter gummy bears for her birthday...I couldn't stop thinking about them and HAD to eat them...I bought her a new bag...lol:)

  16. I wish I had thought of non-medicated ben-gay when I was pregnant. He was always in my ribs and it killed!

  17. well, you certainly are beautiful!
    charleston chews are weird.

  18. You crack me up!!! You look great!! So excited for you....:)

  19. pregnancy looks so good on you! 15 weeks! woot!


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