Friday, January 20, 2012

random stuff friday.

hello. it has been a long week. miles has been sick and there has just been so much whining around here.
is there a limit to how many times you should let your child watch cars in one day? 
you know what? don't answer that.

fun news! the shop is now offering valentines!
there are three different options for photo valentines!

stitchedhearts copy

(yes. i used a picture of heather's kids. haha)
these photo valentine's cards work the same as the christmas cards did.
you just make your purchase, we send you an email, upload your photo to the card, and send it back to you!
super easy! these cards are $12 in the shop and they are sized at a 4x6.
you can either print them yourself....
we are also adding a printing and shipping option! the prices can be found on the shop website!!
[[we are really excited because this option is super affordable and really high quality.]]

and if you'd like something custom made for you, click here for more information.
also...heatherboss made some adorable and affordable printable valentines that you can also find in our shop. i love them and if i wasn't sending justin bieber ones to all my friends, i would buy them in a heartbeat.
you totally think i'm joking but i'm not.
some links and such:

please raise your hand in place if you're watching.

i gotta give these puppies a whirl. [alert: muffins. not actually puppies.]

i am obsessed with this blog. seriously obsessed. i have tried recipes all week from it and i never knew i could enjoy eating healthy so much!

seriously? i love her. this made me crack up.

within the last week, three of my blog posts got deleted. so frustrating. one of them was this one and i really wanted you guys to see how much i love my new banner from dear nicole!

i really, really want this for baby girl's room.

and this my friends.... real life this week.

hope you have a great weekend!
and okay, okay. i hope the 49ers win.



  1. hears the deal when your child is sick and whiny and a movie brings him a little comfort and he wants to watch it on repeat who cares. it's not like that the norm. sorry had to answer. i hope he's feeling better.

  2. did i really just spell heres hears. aye.

  3. Love the valentines! I would so do them if we weren't moving two days later. Valentines won't be happening this year.
    Thanks for the muffin shout out!
    And that print is seriously amazing.

  4. ok you kill me with this post.
    girl, i know you are totally NOT kidding with those bieber valentines.
    i know you don't joke about the biebs.

    i feel like those geberas are an analogy for something. or a sermon illustration.
    gerbera tip: if you cut off the base of their stems each day, they wont wilt as fast. :)
    i love that one guy (girl?) is standing strong.
    she is like the seed that fell on rich soil or something.

    you kill me. i opened my internet and looked at my blog and saw all these hits from yours.
    you love the pajama jeans. ;) i know you already ordered yourself a pair.
    just admit it already.

  5. love that print. lots.
    i got the sweet little elephant valentines, they are gonna be so cute!
    your gerberas look like how i feel.
    this post cheered me up though!


  6. Ohmygosh. The picture of the daisies. It's killing me and I think if I wasn't so nauseous I'd be laughing real hard. Buy the print. So great.

  7. BETTER root for the 49ers!!!!

  8. the answer is 3.
    i let judah watch cars 3 times on saturday.
    and did i laugh at the "she just likes me for my body" line every time? yes.

  9. Katy! What a great post. You are so entertaining. Sorry Miles doesn't feel well, hope that's over by now. We had the lentil stew for dinner tonight. AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo


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