Sunday, January 8, 2012

weekend sevens

1. we went to our favorite little town on the coast to celebrate scooter's birthday in style.
and we ate at our favorite fries, pig sandwiches, and dr. pepper. praises.

2. made a stop at my favorite store.

3. it was 71 degrees at the ocean! so we soaked up the sun.


4. and played grass games.


5. we got our favorite milkshakes. mine is the coffee flavor. but then i was up all night so i'm not sure if it worked in my favor. do milkshakes have caffeine?


6. due to the fact that i was up all night, i just had to drink coffee out of my new anthro mug that scooter got me for christmas.

7. and totally unrelated to our little beach trip...miles' bathtub has turned into a star wars war zone...i'm not sure if that is miles' doing or scooter's? hmmmmm.....


bonus: did you all watch the broncos vs. steelers game? i had high hopes for tebow and he did not disappoint! when they scored the winning touchdown, i wet my pants a little! unfortunately, i am totally serious.

i am linking up with my friend, heatherboss. for some reason, the adorable little button isn't working for me tonight. rude.


  1. tebow. holla.
    also, sweet mug! i love your weekend sevens.


  2. omg you are too much.

    first off, i totally have a picture of that mug. a mug on a mug. i think i posted it on an insta friday post a few months back. but i only took a pic. did not purchase (regret).

    also, you are amazing admitting that tebow caused you to wet yourself.
    no i did not watch. but that is what social media is for. i am in the loop.

    and look at us both being all fancy with our coast side posts ;)

  3. holy cow. i loved this.
    your weekend looked amazing, i would die to go into that shop, that mug is the sweetest, and you seriously crack me up. (i can sadly relate)

  4. omigosh, that last pic of you is totes HILAR.

    and are you still wetting your pants? it's a good thing i bought you some Depends for Christmas.

    p.s. love the star wars bath toys. need. must have.

  5. dude. i love the habit. and california sunshine lately. and anthro mugs. and people with january birthdays :) looks like some happy times!!

  6. totes HILAR. did davi really just write that? that made me wet my pants! BAH.

  7. aww...i want to go to the coast. that's the last place Caleb and I went together before we moved! i'm missing it like crazy:)

  8. my husband is a huge tebow fan :) love the coffee mug!

  9. that sounds like my perfect day...great company, favorite eats, awesome shopping and enjoying a sweet gift. perfect! thanks for sharing your day with us! visiting from the life made lovely link party.

  10. i love your new mug! and i wanna go to that store too!!!

  11. firestone...YUM!

    i missed the game last night. i am sort of burnt out on football which makes me sad becasue i LOVE football.
    i really wish everyone would stop talking about tim tebow, and take some lessons from him. this country needs JESUS.

  12. tebow rocks and i'm sure your hubby had something to do with the star wars's a dad's job or something to get their lil men to understand the importance of star wars in life!

  13. One of my fav restaurants is Stonefire, weird.
    I scared my youngest nearly to death at least 10 times screaming during the Broncos game. Poor little thing. Gooooo Tebow!

  14. the pic at the end made me smile. so funny! your honesty is so refreshing :) oh, and that mug...wishing i was back in the city with an anthro right now.

  15. ahhhhh you were in my town and didn't see meeeee!!!! i'm super sad.
    -aimee bradshaw


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