Sunday, January 15, 2012

weekend sevens.

1. scooter made us heart shaped waffles for breakfast on saturday morning.

2. my mom got me this cute little crate for Christmas and i started filling it this weekend. 
 love gerbers and striped straws.


3. had a block building competition in the midst of sickies.

4. my bloggy friend told us all about these amazing guiltless brownies so i promptly went down to trader joe's to buy them.
they did not disappoint and i will definitely buy them again!


5. we were so excited for the big games this weekend. i'm a huge saints fan and went against my home town (the bay area) to root for them. that game almost sent me into pre-term labor and i have been super bummed ever since.
but it was fun watching the playoffs and texting my bestie all throughout every game. 
(also kim gave me a guilt trip for not rooting for the 9ers but whatevs.)
(also, i was not paid by vizio to post this picture but i should have been.)


6. scott set up all his snacks in an organized fashion on the living room floor. he literally asked me to take a picture of it. i feel that maybe a tv tray would have been a better place for it?
(he also sent this picture in to pepsi in hopes of winning tickets to the superbowl which killsssssss me)


7. my boy is sick but he is still always in such good spirits. he brightens all of my days.


hope you had a great weekend!
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  1. I have a crate almost exactly like this. What a great idea to put vases in it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Looks like a pretty perfect weekend. I love the crate (and pretty straws make me happy too.) :-) Happy Monday!

  3. Cute pics...I'm going to have to try me some of those guiltless brownies! :-) Thanks for sharing.

  4. love your 7! i just got a 'new' crate last weekend. a new piece to fill with goodies is the best! happy monday!

  5. how is miles so cute....seriously?

  6. hahaha. isn't it funny how the men get into the blogging? take a picture of chips,please!

  7. haha I hope he wins his tickets :) That crate is the cutest!! <3Ashley (your newest fan :)

  8. i basically want to comment on every picture.
    i love your crate.
    jessica has one just like it. and she was toting it around all weekend.
    i almost stole it.

    i can't believe you rooted against the home town.
    but tweeting you was fun.
    and bi-polar.
    but fun.

    jump on the bandwagon for sunday's game.
    we can tweet again.
    in support of each other? okay?

    is hubby a niner fan?

  9. miles is so cute!
    patrick wants me to take pictures all.the.time. and usually of his food.
    your crate is so fancy!

    hey, i hope your week is off to a fab start!

  10. um, not sure how i missed this post. oh well.
    that crate is super cute.
    if we weren't snowed in right now i would totally be heading to tj to get more brownies.
    you are absolutely hysterical with the games.
    and omg that snack pic cracked me up. you two are a party for sure.


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