Tuesday, January 31, 2012

weekend sevens.

we've had major internet problems over here. it makes me super irritable. 
hopefully this post works!

1. scooter brought me home some new flowers because he read this post.


2. gotta read up on some issues. 


3. decorated a little bit for heart day. 

Picnik collage

4. got my little man all spiffed out for church on sunday. 
love his little face.

Picnik collage

5. scooter's parents came on sunday so that we could have a nice afternoon date.
so we went to panera for bagels.


6. and then we played skipbo. 
i won every game, sadly.
poor scooter.


this is the real deal right here.
perfectly describes us.

Picnik collage

7. and then we finished off the date and the weekend with ice cream at a new ice cream shop in town.
it was goooooooood.
mine was coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce.
what is your favorite kind of ice cream?


i can't wait for:
the internet to work properly.
and for this upcoming weekend!
my mom is coming and it's the superbowl!
[and we get to watch more episodes of friday night lights.......]


  1. oh man. i feel for your internet pain.
    what the heck is going on?!?

    at least you have lip gloss to console you.

    please come over and decorate my house for heart day.

  2. great weekend!

    any ice cream is my favorite.any :)

    p.s. I tend to win at a lot of games...my sister and I still get into tetris matches that can last forever :)

  3. i really love that garland! i'm pinning it and attempting to make it for an upcoming valentine photo shoot :) did you make it?

    and i am totally checking out those books. i need to prepare for the "issues" before they start increasing in numbers. i'm a little scared. oh, and grace based parenting, so good! i haven't read the entire book but i have heard dr. kimmel speak at one of my MOPS meetings. in fact, his son is the worship pastor at one of our church plants and his daughter-in-law is my MOPS table leader. he really has a lot of good things to say. good luck!!

  4. ugh, i need to read all of those too.
    panera is the best.
    you are gorgeous.
    your v day decor is my favorite i've seen so far.
    haagen das coffee ice cream is my all time favorite.

  5. no internet problems over here...just a lack of inspiration. i'm rereading shepherding a childs heart right now:) and don't make me count to three is a fav. also...i need an ice cream and your decorations. thanks.

  6. i was actually thinking of texting you yesterday to ask what kind of ice-cream you had, LOL.

    and dying over the pic of you applying lip gloss. you are so so so funny. i just love you.

    and the place is looking quite lovely with your vday decor!!!!

  7. How do you get your hubs to let you post pictures of him on your blog? Mine always protests.

    Also: you're so cute.

    And finally, my vday decorations consist of a lone candle from Target that says "love" on the label. I really went all out this year!

  8. we sat next to connie britton (the pretty redhead) at chateau marmont this wkend! no one ever knows who she is, but since you watch fri night lights, i had to tell ya. LOL. she had the cutest black baby. i wanted to steal him & take him home. no joke. oh, and fred savage was there too. hehe. (um, nothing to do with your post, i know.)

    okay, chatty chatty tonight.
    miss you friend.

    p.s. you be HOT in that lipstick girrrrrrl. me-ow.

  9. this blog makes me miss you. more. friday night lights ruleeees! Can you come decorate my place for valentines day please??

  10. this post is so so so so good! i adore the pic of you and scooter doing your thang. i'm a HUGE fan of tedd tripp's shepherding a child's heart. also love your valentine's day decor. how are you?

  11. ice cream: butter pecan and bubblegum. but not together.
    wonderful books!
    also, y'all look like us. awesome:)

    love you xo

  12. Shew "issues" are full force at this house! I read Shepherding a Child's Heart & while ago & I am a few chapters into Don't Make Me Count to Three! Super thankful for people much wiser than me!

  13. i love those pics of the two of you. so fun.

    fav ice cream is strawberry. normally. but pregnant kirra like vanilla. so daring.

    tell tami i say, "what's up ya'll." love her.

  14. those are some good books you've got there.....mercy, parenting isn't for wimps. not an ice cream fan but combining it with coffee seems like the best way to go!
    <3 <3 <3

  15. New to your blog. Another good read is Give them Grace. Dates are just wonderful and so are flowers :) Mmm...coffee ice cream & chocolate...sounds superb. I love Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie. Hmmm...maybe I need to run to the store. Cute blog!

  16. the full length pic of miles is soooooo scott. so presh.

  17. great book choices sister!! we have them all in our library.


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