Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what we've been up to around here.

i usually love change but blogger updated my dashboard deal and i have no idea how to use this new and improved situation. so if this post comes out all wonky and such, i am not really sure what to do about it. 
anyway, we've had a really busy couple of weeks!

we went up north for Christmas. got one last holiday drink for the road. i like the eggnog lattes. what do you like?

miles got a big tool bench from grammy and aunty! he loved the bows and wrapping on all the gifts. 

scooter and i got to sneak away for a little semi-date. we got cookies and sat on a bench. my cookie was so cute but so not good.
 i threw half of it away. bummerrrr.

love this picture of my little boy! taken by aunty.


the three & a half hour trek back actually took almost six hours due to the bumper to bumper traffic.  really put a damper on our Christmas spirits.


we headed up north again to celebrate Christmas with scott's family the weekend after Christmas. miles got this sweet ATV but is terrified of it. practice makes perfect, i guess!


scott sent me to panera for some "me time". so good for my soul. so good.


and the chalkboard got a mini-makeover for the new year.


words to live by.


  1. so neither one of you have family here? that stinks.

  2. LOVE the "Choose JOY" chalk board. I'm going to be a copy cat on my chalk board, hope you don't mind. Maybe since I live 3000 miles away from you, no one will notice? Sorry abt your traffic laden journey. UGH! Glad you are home safe & sound. Happy New Year, Katy, to you and your sweet family. xoxo

  3. love these! I love the holiday peppermint drinks...I too will not waste the calories on bad ;)

  4. love your chalkboard. being stuck in traffic is never fun, glad you made it home safe.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I love your chalkboard!

    Where on earth did you find it?



  6. I think there's an option on your blog dashboard to go back to the "old" layout...think it's in the top right corner.

    ps...your son is scrumptious. scrumptious. that's all.

  7. oooo. i love that beth moore study you're doing. i recognize that cover. i've done it twice!

  8. I love those words... I want to plaster the quote all over everything. Love it.

  9. That pink cookie looks so delis. What a pity that it did not taste good.

    and love that pose Miles is rocking for auntie sissy! Too cute!

  10. love the chalkboard--so cute--and so true! love that pict of mister M--darling. and boo to traffic...hate it!

  11. grammy looks toats adorbs in her bathrobe....wish i looked that cute in the am! i love the white chocolate peppermints mochas. super sweet. happy friday, katy!
    <3 <3 <3

  12. the ugliest cookies are always the yummiest

  13. that cookie looks so good! what a bummer!

  14. i love having a me time spot. if panera was closer that would totally be it (3 exits away is TOO far, I'm spoiled).

    what a good hubby to send you on your way. ;)

    fun times around your neck of the woods.


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