Sunday, January 22, 2012

you & me.

dear miles,

lately when we are driving in the car and i look in the rear view mirror, 
you'll look at me and start bopping your head to the beat of the [country] music playing on the radio.
it makes me giggle every time and then i start bopping my head right back.
we laugh and laugh and laugh.

i cannot wait to meet your little sister,
but there are only 14 more weeks of just you & me.
and i say we soak up every moment.
let's not skip a beat.



  1. soak it up! glad to hear your treating your son's ears to real music ;)

  2. oh that bittersweet moment when your one-one time with the first born is a thing of the past. i'll be praying that transition goes super well, honey!

  3. why am i crying?
    this is so sweet. ENJOY! love you, katy. xo

  4. I love, love, love this!
    I have 2-3 weeks with Maddox by ourselves....kinda makes me a little verklempt :(

  5. I love, love, love this!
    I have ~2-3 weeks with Maddox by ourselves...kinda makes me a little verklempt :(

  6. i love this--i love to look back and see their sweet faces--the best!

  7. My eyes are watery too! I love that sweet little boy face... Precious thoughts. Precious moments. (Not like the creepy dolls)


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