Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i have no title.

this post is way random.
my monday was all over the place.
i heard a lot of chatter about the oscars.
did you watch? if you watched, did you see angelina's leg? 
i felt nervous.

also, i woke up with kacie b. hair because it was raining.
only a select amount of people know what kacie b. hair is.
but if you know - you know.

so i wore it in a messy bun with one of my pocketful of zoe headbands.
she needs to restock her shop because she'd get more business that way.
my eyebrow looks a little craze in the above pic.

my child suddenly started waking up at 5:30am. 
i do not do 5:30am. or 6:30am.
i believe the factor contributing to this disaster is 3 molars cutting through at once.
i hate molars and want them done asap.

as a result, i find myself really growing attached to my morning chai.

here's my child. happy as a clam.
not even one ounce of worry that he woke up at the crack.

i craved chocolate in a bad way.
i really don't even like chocolate but i couldn't stop thinking about it.
so i made guiltless brownies.

"there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." romans 8:1 

today is the 8th anniversary of our first kiss. 
no one really wants to see kissy pictures so i found this one from a year ago.
i am in dyer need of a highlight job in this pic. wow.

i like celebrating things like that because i think it keeps the spark alive. 
so i bought a card and hid it in a drawer until he gets home from work tonight.
but i snapped a pic for evidence while scooter was in the bedroom last night.

and now i will let you have your tuesday.
thank you for your time and patience.


  1. katy, you are insane/hilarious/i love you to pieces! ok. the leg? what the heck was that? i was nervous. i still might be nervous.

    you are not condemned by me...i ate leftover bday cake yesterday with a plastic spork. all day. like, alll day.

    yeah for first kisses. y'all are sweet :)

    have a good day, ms. queen of random posts.

  2. alex woke up around 5/5:30 when he was cutting his molars but he cut one at a time, one after the other, so this lasted from december until about a week ago. fun. now he sleeps until 6:30 which i am so thankful for because anything is better than 5:30. this will definitely pass :)

    i think the anniversary and card are super cute. makes me wish we hadn't stopped celebrating those kind of things.

  3. you crack me up. every time.
    i hear ya on the early mornings. NOT a fan!
    your scotty mug makes me laugh.
    well i guess i will be making some brownies myself today.
    happy smooch day!

  4. happy smooch day. i love remembering game changing days.

  5. don't you just think kasey b. should keep her hair curly? then, it might look better? she's kind of like kate hudson...her hair always looks like straw, but then when it's curly it looks sooo much healthier! agree?

    oh, and btw, i'm so glad you found adele. i'm pretty sure i could never tire of her!

  6. hahahahah kacie b hair. id rather have kacie b hair than kacie b mascara tears, though. nasty nast. and love that you just quoted romans 8:1 in relation to guiltless brownies. your a weirdo.

  7. A few things:
    1. J. Lo's nip slip.
    2. I had kacie b hair yesterday too. I wore a giant crocheted headband.
    3. I can't believe you outed me. DTM.
    4. Davi was right. This takes foreeeeeveeer on the phone. Rude.
    5. I hate molars.
    6. You are adorbs.

    Happy now? Hahaha

  8. I'm not a fan of 5:30 either...eeekk! I love the brownie shot with the Romans verse...perfect. How sweet of you to keep the spark :)

  9. You always make me laugh! I might have to pick up some of those brownies. Were they good? I need to know. Wait, they're chocolate! Of course they're good.

    I love that you remember the day of your first kiss. Precious.

  10. Kacie b hair, hahaha. May her hair rip.
    I read 1245774256 yahoo News comments regarding Angelina's leg. Wowza.I
    The look on your face over the Scotty dog cup is priceless. Were those pagan brownies any good? Seriously unorthodox if they have less chocolate, IMO. I thought you were gonna intertwine DTM here somewhere, um? Don't see it.
    And did I not take ANY appropriate kissy pics of you two? DTM.

  11. u r so cute and the scripture after the brownie pics is a hoot.
    5:30 is horrible.
    i got up at 9:30 today i think. i just let w and s play in sissy's crib after they get up at 8:30. there were m & m's everywhere...smushed and melted.

  12. i want to know what kacie b hair is.

  13. i like how you added in that bible verse. slick.

    and what in the world is kacie b hair? now i hafta know.

  14. i need to know about this kacie b. hair that you speak of.

  15. you make me laugh so hard! oh i know this kacie b. hair you speak of and she was in need of a few sock buns. happy 8 year kissy anniversary!

  16. i have no idea what kacie b hair is nor did i see angelina's leg. now i feel like a loser and must get on google asap. however i love that you celebrate your first kiss. ours was feb 15th--it toats keeps the spark alive!
    <3 <3 <3


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