Wednesday, February 29, 2012

on being 32 weeks pregnant.

Picnik collage

baby girl.

i really needed some new, casual shoes that i could wear everyday.
i have two pairs of toms that are totes cute, but on me i only like them with skinny jeans.
i think they look like slippers with flares. maybe because my legs are so short.
and when i'm pregnant, my thighs swell to the size of elephants and skinnies become dead to me.
(DTM, if you will.)
so i set off to find a cute pair of kick around shoes that i could just wear around every day.


i love my new navy converse.
i do NOT love how i can barely reach them to tie them.
so much huffing and puffing and grunting just to put a shoe on!
you are getting in my way, baby girl!

just a smidge over 8 weeks now until i see your face.



  1. you are gorgeous girlie. really. it won't be long!! i always bought myself clothes and stuff when i was really pregnant to make myself feel good. can you say retail therapy?? :)

  2. You look fabulous!!! Love your new kicks :)

  3. I couldnt agree more about the Toms. They need to be with skinny jeans or crops. LOVE the new Converse...a LOT! You are sooooo close!!!!

  4. lookin' fab as ever, momma!! LOVE me some converse!! she'll be here before you know it :)

  5. it seems like it's gone by so fast. but of course i'm not the one pregnant.
    converse are the best.

  6. You look really great! The next little bit is going to go so fast...woo hoo!!

  7. it seems like forever ago when i was pregnant...and i guess it was. my youngest is 8 1/2! you look great though! being pregnant is such a sweet time~enjoy it!

  8. thirty two weeks is so exciting! ack! baby girl is coming SOOOON. ;)

    i'm picky about my toms too.
    but i think its more because they are a crazy pattern, and i can't wear them with much.
    also, i feel like they are only wearable in a very small weather window: No rain, not too hot (gross sweaty feet in toms is a no no), not too cold (or your feet will freeze). so, i guess my two year old toms are in great shape.
    i really want a solid color, but since i hardly wear mine i can't justify it.

    actually, maybe soon.

    also, i love the phrase dead to me.
    and love that it has an acroynm.
    i'll be using that WAY more often now.
    thank you very much.

  9. 32 weeks here too :) Love this post... I just retired my skinny maternity jeans ( I was living in denial) and have busted out my cute Simple tennis shoes. Saving me. Super psyched to "meet" your lady soon. Would love to hear, empathize?, more about how your feeling this pregnancy. Love reading :)

  10. can we have a moment of silence over the fact that it's february and you are in a t-shirt basically.

    i love you & baby.
    and your chucks.

  11. adorable!

    and 32 weeks is when i had a+e! weird to think about.
    lurve yer shoes. i have a brown pair. i should wear them in honor of you :)

  12. you are gorgeous! i am so excited for you!!! cute new shoes!

  13. I'm 32 weeks too. Can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. You look great! Have serious hair envy. Have no idea how you have the energy and motivation to style and "do" long hair. :)

  14. The end is always so hard. You feel so big and nothing fits!! It is all worth it in the end though!

  15. i love your navy kicks--and could be cuter? no way--!

  16. love your blog. so excited for you to meet your new baby!!! love this.

  17. how did i moss this post?
    you are SUCH a beautiful mama.
    cute shoes. skinnies are dtm all.the.ding.dang.time.



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