Friday, February 10, 2012

random stuff friday + some favorite links.

only, like, 5 days until i get to pass out my j.bieb valentines.
i don't even know what to do with myself.

we have added new one-of-a-kind premades into our shop!

Screen shot 2012-02-07 at 8.15.24 PM

you can buy a blog header, matching button, and coordinating background for only $35! and once it has sold, it will never be sold again!


you also have the option of buying our other package offered which includes a header, button, navigation bar, social media kit, and coordinating background for only $75! 

if you want to spruce up your blog...this is the way to go! you get a super cute [one-of-a-kind] design for a portion of the price! go get yours!

some of my closies came over to watch the bachelor and of course we had to have a selection of gourmet cupcakes to watch with. my favorite cupcake is pink champagne. what's yours?


daffodils are the flower of hope. did you know that?
i love sweet reminders like that.


the designer in me is having some crazy anxiety right now over how every picture in this post is a different size and style. yikes! 

some of my favorite links from this week:

**super cute valentine tutorial done by one of my good buddies, mindy!

**lots of great valentine ideas from my sweet friend, hannah!

**ah-maz-ing home tour on heather's blog. i have major [changing table envy].

**these teacups are seriously oh-so-cute.

**last but not least.....this blog post was super encouraging and something that has been on my heart for a really long time and something i've really been working on in my life. she just hit the nail on the head for me. GO READ IT. do not miss out. i hope it encourages you too.


i hope you are the reason someone smiles today.


  1. you're sweet.

    didn't know that about daffys. love.
    every flavor cupcake sounds good to me.
    GIRL. i had changing table envy, too and i don't even use one anymore. best home tour ever. besides yours.
    rachel's post has been echoing in my heart. praise jesus for encouragement/reminders like that. xo

    love you, happiest friday! xo

  2. those cupcakes look SO good!!

    and i LOVE that you are doing justin bieber valentines. so cooL!

  3. Ha! Oh Biebs.....
    Love your designs!!!
    I have never had a pink champagne but I think it needs to be on my to do list. Like yesterday.

  4. flowers of hope, blooming in winter....LOVE fav cupcake would have to be something chocolate. pink champagne sounds like a wonder cupcake tho. happy weekend!
    <3 <3 <3

  5. saw those biebs valentines at target last night. him in those serious glasses made me laugh. ;)

    love that daffodil is the flower of hope. SO awesome. may need to use that for something churchy related in the future. ;)

    happy almost weekend friend!

  6. Those daffodils just make my day...I love yellow :) I want one of those pink cupcakes right now!

  7. Hi there Ms. Katy... thank you for posting your "Go read" link. i have never read her blog before but she is so right, i think we all think we are the only ones who feel a certain way but we need to remember we aren’t alone (atleast thats how i feel) :0) Thanks, Happy weekend

  8. 1. i cannot wait to get one of your jbiebs valentines.
    2. i cannot believe you have pictures of different sizes on your blog. that is completely unacceptable for a profesh, hahahaha.
    3. mmm. need more of those lemon cupcakes.

  9. Katy... I looooove the new blog designs! Beautiful. brilliant. and creative.


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