Friday, February 3, 2012

random stuff friday.

loveeeeeee month is here. 
i mean, it was here a few days ago but my internet wasn't so i'm celebrating on my blog today.
i love valentine's day!
well, i mainly love valentine's candy but it is all relative, right?

we are offering a little valentine's sale in the shop!

love copy

all photo valentine's cards are on sale for $10!
and heather's valentines are on sale for one more day for just $2!
get them while they're hot, folks!

some facts and such:
**i joined instagram. i mean, i always had it but now i follow people and people follow me. 
well, 12 people, really. i'm so not one of those mega-cool people with like 423 followers or anything.
i'm still learning the ropes around that place. 
my user name is [katykristin].
if you followed me, you would know i had this for dinner last night:

don't you feel better knowing that info?
i know. exciting stuff, right? you don't even know what to do with yourself.

**i started drinking chai teas again in the morning because coffee makes my stomach sick.

but you know what i really want to try? this recipe for a chai coconut smoothie. [i need it now.]

some more links for your friday:

*scott made me a wood headboard and i want him to install a lamp like this one.

*i would like to live in that beach barn. with that color blue for my doors.

*cutest valentine decorating everrrrrrr.

*i love this little heart garland! so easy and so cute. would make the perfect valentine!

*i love this print. and i would love it in baby girl's room. i think i said that exact sentence in my last random friday post, but this is a different print, i promise. you'll want it too.

i hope everyone has a fantastic superbowl weekend.
i hope tom brady loses. (cuppa...can we still like each other?)
i hope you enjoy the sunshine!
and that you are the reason someone smiles today.



  1. you are too funny.
    yes, we can still be friends.
    on monday ;)
    i think i'm skipping the Super Bowl-deezy in favor of a sunday nap.
    Still rooting for Tommy.
    But I think I have seen that show before. Giants vs Pats.

    And i'm still mad about our big loss. ;)

    Happy Weekend friend!

  2. I think you need the lamp. I hope Tom Brady loses too.
    Go Giants!

  3. fun stuff, ms. katy :) i love that coffee mug!

  4. such cute valentines chick! and i too love the v-day decor! i just joined instagram--i will have to follow you!

  5. down with shady brady.
    and i love that last sentence. you should work for hallmark with sweet phrases like that and your mad design skillz

  6. i followed you on instagram! i love keeping up with the work of the Lord in your precious family, as well as your precious crafties! blessings to you on this saturday! :)

  7. "i hope you enjoy the sunshine!
    and that you are the reason someone smiles today."
    you are amazing.
    and so so funny.

  8. Hey Katy girl. LOVE the blog. What kind of pasta dish was that? Looks yummy!


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