Thursday, February 23, 2012

we had a day.

for the past week or so, miles and i have just been off. 
we had the stomach flu hit us like crazy and we were cooped up for several days trying to get our feet back on the ground. 
at 7:06 a.m. this morning, after the first tantrum of the day had been thrown, i called scott and simply said, 
"i don't know if i can do this today!"

after calming down, i decided we were going to have a day together.
and we were gonna soak up every second.
we were going to laugh. we were going to smile. we were going to eat fun food that i don't usually let us eat.
and we weren't going to stay inside avoiding germs anymore when it was 75 degrees outside.

we headed out to the mall - but first things first - i put my new adele cd in.
"new adele cd?" you might ask.
yes. new. because i did not know the pure amazingness of adele until i watched her on the grammys and then had to have her album in my hands immediately. i listen to country, people.

Picnik collage

after walking around and trying to find cute clothes in old navy but striking out miserably, we went to hot dog on a stick and miles had his first hot dog experience. needless to say, he loved every second of it but will not be partaking on a regular basis.
(for one thing....why is a hot dog $7?)

Picnik collage

then we drove by the tractors! and then by the tractors again! and ohmygosh...we drove by the tractors again! and every time we yelled at the top of our lungs, "TRACTORS!" like it was the first time we had seen them all day!

and then whoopsies! mom had to make a quick stop to get some new cute shoes!

then we spent a really long time at the park. 
got out a ton of energy (so that nap time was really successful).
we love those swings!

Picnik collage

and on our way home we drove by the "TRACTORS!" again! and played outside and soaked up the sun.

Picnik collage
it was the best kind of day.

 i learned something about my child today.
something that makes me want to be better.
miles smiles and says "hi" to everyone.
it does not matter if they do not smile back. it doesn't matter if they don't even look at him.
it doesn't matter what they look like or how skinny/fat they are or what they're wearing.
he just says hi. with a HUGE smile and a HUGE wave and lots of times, a giggle.
it's SO refreshing. so, so refreshing.
there's no judgement. there's no hurt feelings. there's no expectations.
he just does it.
[i want to be more like that.]

and tomorrow, we might not have as good of a day.
we might wake up and throw a tantrum before breakfast is even served.
we will not get hot dogs.
we will not get new shoes.
we may not drive by the tractors 867 times.

but today.
today was the best kind of day.
a day for the books.


  1. this post is making me smile so big i think my face is gonna crack!!!

    $7 for a hot dog? I die. That is ridic.

    and um, i thought you got white converse? you are confusing me showing the black ones. and surely they were NOT $49? That's IT. I"m buying some orthaheels and i think i'm gonna blog about it. Yup. I'll show famous footwear.


    :) love your day. i wish i saw you in foil.

  2. Absolutely perfect. God knew you needed that!
    I didn't know you listened to country, you just got even cooler.
    Yay for tractors!!!!!
    Love the new shoes! Fun!
    Ashlynn says hi like that and now tries to tell everyone our life story. I am so the opposite and not say a word to people. I need her.
    And um, I swear he gets cuter everyday. For real!

  3. wonderful! (and good for you) i agree that just taking a break from the routine and the schedule to spend focused time with my little one makes for some of the best times.

  4. i LOVE days like that. yeah for naughty food, new shoes, and TRACTORS!!!! glad you're feeling better. flu is my all-time WORST fear ever. i'd rather shave my head then throw up. for reals.

    ps: country?? hmmmm. i am quite surprised by this, darling friend. i hope adele stays put in your player ;)


  5. Sounds like the most perfect day!!

    Love the shoes...I just texted my husband earlier hinting that I wanted another pair of chucks :)

    Hot dog on a stick was my fave when I was a kid!! But dang, $7 is a little excessive.


  6. so. fun.
    i love that you did this.
    spontaneous and fun.
    and making the best out of a rough start.

    hot dog on a stick is 7 dollars!?! is it really?

    i went to dinner there w a friend around christmas, and if we ordered one more item (funnel sticks) i got a card full of freebies. now i go every other wednesday and get myself a free corn dog. hahaha.
    if it was $7 it would SO not be happening.


  7. you went to the mall??? BRAVE

    so glad you two had a special day.

  8. i love that you had a special day like this! treasure them up, right?! applebee's is celebrating bieber's bday with $2 oreo shakes on march 2? tell me you have one near you!

  9. ok just for the record...even meeting you when you were super are super gorgeous my friend. I am glad you are feeling better and enjoying this wonderful wonderful weather.

  10. Ah, sounds refreshing. Sometimes you just need a bonding day...where all you accomplish is enjoying eachother. (and maybe a little shopping too) I think I need to schedule one of these days soon.

  11. dang cute shoes, mama.
    this post makes me happy.
    you make me happy.
    enjoy your weekend xo

    (praying for ya!)

  12. so happy! TRAAAAACTORS! :) love this.

  13. I love everything about this post. Everything.
    Oh golly you make me smile....


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