Sunday, February 5, 2012

weekend sevens.

1. grammy came to visit and we soaked up the sunshine!

2. miles ran us ragged at the park!
good thing my mama was there because this preggo cannot run that fast anymore.


3. we visited the baseball park down the street.
the sunshine was soooooo nice.
miles did not care about the baseball and bat.

4. my mom and i got milkshakes from 31 flavors.
she sat it down on the table too hard and got it all over my white shirt.

5. bought a new piece of furniture! love!


 a few things to discuss about said furniture:
[1] random bird still on the shelf.

[2] scott tried to decorate new hutch. so sweet for trying. so not what i'm going for.

6. scott sent me to the nail salon to get a pedicure on sunday morning! 


a few things to discuss about said pedicure:
[1] my left pinky toe was smashed in my mother's womb. when i was born, my dad asked what was wrong with it.
it has a very thin bone and is kind of floppy.

[2] literally 30 seconds after i walked in the door, miles stepped on my foot. he didn't mean to, obviously, but it ruined my fresh nail polish and made me cry. and then once the tears started they wouldn't stop for at least half an hour. and scott said, "here is another $20! please go get another one!" to which i replied, "i'm not crying about the nail polish! i'm crying because i'm pregnant and exhausted and i can't make myself stop crying!"
hormones. they're something else.

7. fresh flowers from trader joe's do good things for my heart.

after the nail polish incident, you better believe i popped two bundles of those in my shopping cart.


  1. hooray for mama visits!
    except for rude milkshake splattering.
    those flowers are pretty, your kiddo is ADORABLE and love the new furniture.

    also, glad you got a pedicure, you need lots of special treats! i said so. xo

  2. omigosh, this post is gonna make ME cry it's so funny! So many things to comment on.
    1) LOL about the milkshake on your shirt. tee hee. the look on your face.
    2)Scooter's decorating always warms my heart to pieces AND makes me laugh hysterically. love the hutch.
    3)your pinky toe is cute. I would not have even noticed it at all.
    4)DYING that scooter gave you another $20 for another pedi. haha.
    5)hilarious that you could not stop crying. sorry. it's just funny. i'm not pregnant and have no hormones so don't judge me too harshly;)
    love ya!

  3. i like davi thought it was hilarious that you couldn't stop crying...(i even read that part to Caleb) we laughed together, but we laughed because a very similar thing happened in our house and we could relate a little too well:)

    and....trader joes. my heart aches not having one. i especially miss their flowers. seriously. if you want to send me some i won't complain.

  4. I looooooove it. i love that pic of your mom & Miles, love that I can hear your voice after the chocolate incident, and love being pregnant with you at the same time...because I sure am glad I'm not the only one that cries on end for absolutely no reason.

    The hutch. It's super. Did you paint it yellow or find it like that?

    My coffee is fresh & hot, and of course, Charlotte just turned into a monster. I'm never gonna drink a hot cup of coffee again, am I?

  5. this weekend was so beautiful. and traders joe's is the only place i buy fresh flowers.

  6. LOVE the new piece of furniture!

    and i probably wouldn't have been able to stop crying either. i'm not pregnant...just weird. :)

  7. i have issues with my left pinky toe too which explains why we're bloggy friends


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