Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend sevens.

1. scooter planted pretty flowers on saturday morning.
when i went to take a picture of them, he asked for a picture of the tree with the flowers.
so here you go.
also...that tree gives me horrendous allergies.

2. we went for a mini-mini-road trip on sunday.
i was a happy girl being with my two guys.
[also...scooter knew all the words to a david archuleta song and it kinda freaked me out.]

3. i was even happier with my starbucks.

4. a moment of silence for my bank account please.

5. got to eat at our favorite restaurant.
scott and i usually share a sandwich.
this time, i really wanted my own and kept eyeing scooter's half.
he ate it all, which was rude.

6. i know this pic is blurry but i just love my guys together. 
melts my heart.

7. i got a chocolate lollipop from see's for the ride home.
the chocolate flavor is my favorite.
scott says it is the worst. he likes butterscotch.
what flavor is your favorite?


  1. butterscotch is the jam.

    and you have amazing hair.

  2. Love me some Anthropologie!

    Can't believe your man didn't give you all the sandwiches you want :)

  3. looks like a great weekend! I am getting the itch to start gardening...that will have to wait until after baby gets here so ... you know... I can actually bend over ; )

  4. Share a sandwich?! Never! And chocolate is my favorite ;)

  5. what did you get at anthro? i need a full report.

    also, butterscotch. YUM.
    i have a multipack at my desk.
    chocolate is second last. first last is cafe latte. but either will do in a crunch.

    they are my work stress relievers.
    i didnt even need ONE last week.

    actually i also have a box of MINI butterscotch pops too.
    didn't need any of those either.

    the problem with the chocolate one is, it isn't really chocolate.
    you know?
    just chocolate flavory.
    so, it's like, i like it. but i feel tricked by it's name.

    the end.

  6. i love mini road trips.
    which anthropologie do you go to?

  7. There is an Anthro 5 minutes from my house. So dangerous.
    That sandwhich looked yum...did you go to SLO? That looked like a Firestone's sandwhich!
    And, I have to agree with Scooter...chocolate is my least favorite. Butterscotch is #1.

  8. How could you go to anthro and not share pictures of your jewels!?! My girlies and little man let me visit anthro yesterday for 20min but little man was done so we left with our candle and two cereal bowls to replace our broken ones.

    and BUTTERSCOTCH allllllll the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. the moment of silence for your bank account made me laugh.
    so cute.
    so true.
    so yikes!

  10. Louisville is getting an Anthropologie soon. I liked your "moment of silence" -- laughed out loud. Soon, I will be able to relate!

  11. your hair is amazing. i've never been inside of an anthro, but i imagine i would leave with way too much.

  12. i had a moment of silence. just for you and your poorness :) i love your pretty tree and flowers...i have allergies too though, so i feel you pain.

  13. Does this comment work from my phone kg? Testing.

  14. Ok this is like my 3rd time attempting to comment since I keep getting so rudely interrupted by someone texting me(ahem). Can I proceed now? Thanks.

    Dying that scooter wanted a picture of the flowers with the tree! He cracks me up!!!

    This is taking forever to type by phone btw. DTM.

    You always look cute in your self pics.

    Lol at your anthro stmt!!!

    Seriously this is taking forever. Grrrr.

    I like your sandwiches and am dying that you were eyeing scooters.

    I could have written a whole blog post with one eye tied behind my back by now.

    I like chocolate over butterscotch. Don't shiv me.

  15. moment of silence granted. i've never had these see's pops that you speak of but if chocolate is ever an option you go with that. it's biblical i think.

  16. I am all about the Butterscotch, too :)


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