Wednesday, March 28, 2012

five random things on this fine wednesday.

[number one]
 my chalkboard got a makeover this week. 
it was just time.
we sang this song in church on sunday and it struck a nerve.
or awakened my heart, if you will. ha.

Chalkboard got a makeover.

love these lyrics:
for You and You alone
awake my soul, awake my soul and sing
for the world You love
Your will be done, let Your will be done in me.

[number two]
 today i was driving out of our community gate and stopped at the stoplight.
these high school kids came skateboarding by and out of the corner of my eye, 
i thought i saw one of the kids had his hand down his pants.
so my head shot up and i realized his zipper was down 
and he had positioned his finger to look like a [male part, if you will]. 
when he saw my reaction, he started laughing so hard and i was mortified.
i started talking to myself saying how disrespectful kids are these days.
and drove off realizing how old i sounded.

then 5 minutes later, i was driving down a side street and saw the same kids.
his hand was still down his pants and through his zipper hole. cool.

[number three]
i drink chai every morning.
coffee makes my tummy hurt during pregnancy.
i thought i'd give sugar-free chai a whirl this time around.
it was gross. i threw it out. now i have a whole carton of sugar-free chai and no regular.
also cool.

[number four]
i kind of have a weird fetish with sheets.
i'm just really paranoid about them being clean all the time.
i also have weird feelings towards toilets and generally wipe down the surface of any toilet seat before i sit down. 
sometimes i even wipe down my own.
don't be offended if i stay with you or visit you and check your sheets before i hop in the bed.
or wipe down your toilet seat before i sit down.
i'm the weird one, not you.
[can you hear george costanza? "it's me, not you..."]

[number five]
love him.

Can't get much better than that.

i was going SE.
carry on with your wednesday, now.


  1. um...the teenage boy thing?? what the heck?? gross. ya, real cool guys :-/
    love your chalkboard saying.
    and never buy sugar free. you will always regret that decision.

  2. I have a recipe to make your own chai tea. It's easy, makes a HUGE batch & it's so much better than store bought. Let me know & I'll forward you the email!

  3. what is it with boys sticking their hands down their pants in public?
    that's just gross!
    also, miles is the cutest.

  4. excuse me but, do you realize we have the same k mug?
    i'd be jealous of you.
    but i have it too. ;)
    so others can be jealous of us.

    teenage boys are weird and gross.

  5. skater boy sounds like a champion.
    also, we are the SAME. on number four at least.
    pretty sure i annoy/offend many people.
    but i NEED to fuss about sheets and toilets.
    or else i'd die.

    love you.

  6. The high school boy story makes me sad...and doesn't make you sound old at all. My co-worker changes her sheet daily. That mug is really adorable and since my name starts with K I love it that much more. Your little guy...too sweet :)

  7. kids these heartbreaking how they are being raised. wilder and story will be different. i think you can be sweet and respectful and not DORKY.
    also i love that awakening song so much.

  8. parents need to teach their kids manners. thats just gross. there are seriously better ways to get attention. actually i feel sorry for him.

    i have that cup.

  9. 1.your handwritting rocks. seriously.
    2.stuff like this makes me livid. i think because it's everywhere and i can totally see ashlynn asking, "what's he doing?" ugh.
    3.i'm jealous of you and kim.
    4.i get it. and i wouldn't be offended if you came to visit.
    5.he's scrumptious, i still am in love with your ring and SE is so much better than just plain S.

  10. yeah...i've been washing my sheets everyday since having Amelia. i'm a little crazy.

  11. you crack me up, katy!
    i just love you from way up here in the bay area! love you - you hear!
    can't wait to see you and that sweetie girl of yours!

  12. BAH, you just made me cackle. and i love, love that song. now it's in my head. i like that :)

  13. umm. hello awesome. that chalkboard seriously rocks! it reminds me that i need to update my chalkboard calendar to april.

    happy monday friend


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