Thursday, March 29, 2012

on being 36 weeks pregnant.

baby girl,

in 2004 your "auntie bestie" and i met in ocean city, new jersey on a summer missions trip with campus crusade for christ. 
it was the best summer of my life. i loved every single second of it - even the hard ones.
something that brooke said a lot that summer was "dream big." it was her motto.
she dreamed big about everything.
we dreamed big about everything.
mainly about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how we could share it with anyone around us.
we left different people than when we got there.

every single time i see the words "dream big" i think of that summer and how nothing seemed impossible with God. 
there were no bounds, there was no end in sight to what we asked the Lord to do. 
brooke taught me so much through her dreaming (she still does) - i've often found myself a dreamer too now.

[my friends threw us a baby shower last weekend.] 
one of the things we did was we went out into the back and lit these lanterns.
and people said prayers over you - wished wishes for you - dreamed dreams for you.
and then we let our lanterns go and they floated in the sky.
it was magical.

i was so caught up in all the magic that i didn't really have a chance to say my own prayers for you in that single moment.
i pray for you often - all the time.
 but ever since then, i've really just been thinking about your sweet little life.

baby girl: i am dreaming big for you.

i'm dreaming that you will know the Lord and all his goodness with your whole life - with your whole heart.
i'm dreaming that you will have a heart for the world - for every last corner of it.
i'm dreaming that you will be a light - that you will share God's love with everyone around you.
i'm dreaming that you will grow up confident in who you are - who you were created to be.
i'm dreaming that you will never give up - that you will never stop dreaming about what life holds for you.

i'm dreaming that each and every day you are the reason someone smiles.

four weeks, girl. four weeks til you're here.
i can do this. (i think...)
we got this.


p.s. i know this pic is blurry. it kinda doesn't matter to me. i like it that way.
i was so happy. and there you are, popping out [big time]. 
you were the size of a honeydew melon at that point, so i get it.
could you lighten up a little on my bladder though?


  1. beautiful. and i might be crying.

    love your heaart for your family, katy!
    keep honoring jesus, what a blessing of a mama you are xo

  2. i agree with hannah, except that i am definitely crying.
    you are my favorite.

  3. What sweet prayers for you little girl!

  4. Katy this is so beautifully sweet I'm tearing.
    With a mama like you she'll be something wonderful.

  5. This is just the sweetest thing. Your heart is beautiful!

  6. I'm in the definitely crying category. What a beautiful idea and your little girl is lucky to have you for a momma.xoxo

  7. wow what a special memory. love all your words about it and about your girl. and btw i love you even more now. you had me at CCC summer mission trip. hello!

  8. this is beautiful! what a neat idea with the lanterns & prayers... HIS best to you and your family! hope these next 4 weeks go quickly.

  9. this is so amazingly adorable! i love it down to my toes. love. you're such an amazing mama, k :)

  10. love this. love your heart. that's all.

  11. you got to light lanterns & let them go just like in tangled?!! OOHHH. MYYYYY. GOSSHHHH. how did that happen?! how do you even DO that? i would have cried myself silly. i bet it was the most beautiful moment ever. 4 weeks until we get to see you, sweet girl. i cannot WAIT!!!

  12. What a special thing to do for your baby girl. (now you REALLY need to see Tangled)
    You are such an incredible mom, you have to know that. She won't have a problem living out those dreams because she's watching you do it everyday. So, so close!
    love you!

  13. I love her! I love you! I'm so blessed!

  14. Amen friend! So excited for you to meet your daughter

  15. sweetest moment ever.


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