Thursday, March 8, 2012

some thursday things.

Lately I have been feeling like there is just so much to say on this bloggy here -
- and not enough time to blog it all.
You know, nap time rolls around and I'm ready for my own nap.
And then bedtime rolls around and I'm ready for my pregnancy ben gay and American Idol.
So I thought I'd pop in and share a few things with you before I go have a fudgesicle. 

Have you visited the shop lately?
Our premade blog designs have been selling like hot cakes.
Seriously, we can't keep them in the shop!
We are in the process of restocking all the time so get them while you can!

There are two premade blog design package options for you to choose from:

Screen shot 2012-03-07 at 3.47.49 PM

One option is $35 and that includes a blog header, a blog background, a button, and installation.

The other option:

Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 9.03.18 PM

is $75 and includes a blog header, background, button, navigation bar, social media kit, and installation.
And once these designs are sold, they will never be sold again!
They are selling super fast so check the shop out asap!


Two things I've really enjoyed this week:

1. Watching Toy Story with Miles.
Whenever he sees Woody - wherever we are - he says, "HI!"
Cracks me up.

2. Buying flowers at Trader Joe's.
I am like a scout the minute we walk in - looking for my best options.


Here are some fun links I've enjoyed this week:

**I want to make this headband!
**What is going on here with these cupcakes? I need to make them asap.
**I foresee this party in my summertime future.
**I don't know why but this cracked me up so much. Maybe because so many rang true?
**Easy peasy shamrock garland tutorial. 

That is all I have for you today.
I hope you are the reason someone smiles.


  1. y'all are too darn cute :) i want a trader joe's. boo.

  2. i really love your flower display - crate, jars, flowers, the whole shebang.

    as i was reading the toy story story my son, who is sitting next to me, was saying hi to your son on the screen. apparently they're long lost bff's :)

  3. i would die for those cupcakes. esp. now that i'm on a flipping diet.
    hey babe. i died laughing.
    (wow, i need a need a new expression to describe how serious i am)
    that party is off the charts. if you do that, i want to come.

  4. that movie party is AMAZING!!
    so much pretty inspiration.
    and those hey baby pics....bwhahahaha!!

  5. Wow those cupcakes look great!
    I love Trader Joes flowers...always great prices also!!

  6. I have a rule that if we ever move, we have to live within a 20 mile radius of TJ's. I would die without it. And you do need to make them. They are worth giving up a nap for. Promise.

  7. Can I come over when you make the cupcakes?

    Okay and your right about the premade designs. I tried to buy the bloom one and it is already gone can you hear me boohooing over here!! :(

  8. hahahah, dying over the fudgesicle. but i'm a tad confused from your sudden love of chocolate. explain.

    and um that outdoor party? hm. yah. um. hm. ok. where to start. hm. hum. hm. i'm stalling. not sure i can pull that one off in time for your bday. don't shiv me.

    and i allllmost bought some flowers from traders the other day but then i cheaped out.

  9. Who is your American Idol pick???

  10. oh and "hey babe, I have a list of suggestions of things you may want to give up for Lent"

  11. Toy Story is my sons movie of choice...I rejoiced the other morning to find it on t.v at 7 am...this mama cuddled up right next to him and went to sleep!


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