Sunday, March 18, 2012

uh. hi.

yes. i do remember how to blog.
i remember my blogger password and how to log in and everything.
i've just been in a little slump. call it....exhausting week of parenting. 
call it....i'm too lazy to turn on my computer.

call it....cuppakim taught me about this crazy new drawing game and i can't seem to pull myself away from it. 
here's a recent picture that i drew for hannah girl.
i mean....clearly this is edward and bella.


anyway, here are seven things we've been up to around here:

1. we love, love, love meeting scooter for lunch in the middle of the week. seriously.

2. i accidentally bought this...
(only 6 more weeks!)

3. do you understand how much joy it brings me to walk the aisles of a library with no child?
bliss. pure bliss.

4. miles has this obsession with his fedora hat
this particular day he was decked out in john deere and would not take off his swag hat.
he grew out of this deal like 6 months ago.
whatevs. to each his own.

5.  my in laws came down and surprised me with a little family shower at my favorite restaurant!
baby girl got lots of good loot!! i was so excited and thankful.

6. it was really stormy this past weekend so i made our favorite tortellini soup.

7. my boys.
mad for plaid.
seriously. i just love them.
they bring me so much joy.

i will stick around this time.
i'm bringing my A game.

(also. i did not forget how to read blogs, either. i just didn't turn on my computer much last week.
i'll catch up, i promise! maybe....or maybe i'll just start fresh. ;) we'll see.)


  1. um. i'm DYING from your pic of bella and edward. i am hereby afraid to compete against such a talented artist such as yourself.

    that photo of the library is pretty hip. like ALMOST enuf to tempt me to go back to the library one day(you know even the mere mention of a library these days makes me want to burst into tears). all my days of researching killed it for me.

    miles looks pretty legit there in his swag hat. wow. you are gonna have to keep the cougars at bay.

    your plaid boys look adorbs.


  2. my nephew introduced me to that game last night. i'm totally nerding out on it...our whole family downloaded it.
    i am loving the weather this weekend.
    the pic of your boys is great.
    missed ya.

  3. Cute baby girl outfit...I love polka dots!

  4. uh. hi.
    i love that stupid game.
    i think it's *part* of the reason i have not been blogging.
    the other 80% is just laziness.
    maybe i'll throw a quick post together tonight.
    but that means it takes time from my draw something game.
    which i have also been slacking on this weekend (it's been a busy one).
    also it totally drains so much battery.
    do you have this same problem?

  5. tunaaaaaaa.
    i love you.

    also, i haven't been to the library child free in three years.
    hope your week is joy-filled. and drawsome. xxooxxoo

  6. I do not know about that game but your drawing if off the hook! Lol
    Also, I want to go to the library with no kids. One can dream ;)

  7. My friend just introduced that game to me last night...I'm in big trouble...

  8. oh friend you read my mind...I just get really uncomfortable at he computer...that is my Yeah only 6 more weeks!?!! Love the dress!

    p.s. do you have a blog button?

  9. u r so funny. i share your love of perusing the library stacks sans children.
    it has been a LONG time since i've done that.
    "i accidentally bought this"..HA!
    happens to me all the time for sissy.

  10. only 6 weeks?! um, how did that happen? remember when you called me & i screamed?! that was a fun memory :) hah! love you!!!

  11. my sister got me hooked on that game. such a time suck! but i must say, your drawings are GOOD. much better than mine, anyway.

  12. the picture of bella and edward is awesome. pure awesome. and you look gorgeous in the pic with your MIL. hair so pretty. 6 WEEKS! ZOOOOOOM! so soon and your bebe will be in your arms and the ben gay in the friggin trash. love you bunches.

  13. i was missing your blog last week...i didn't realize how much i like seeing pics of you and Miles! glad your back.


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