Sunday, March 25, 2012

weekend sevens.

we had a packed weekend!
it was a lot of fun and really tiring at the same time.

1. aunty and grammy came down for a visit!
it was soooo good to see them.
i got really sad when they left.

aunty let miles drive the car down the street. totes illegal but he was in heaven.

2. scooter made us all a fantastic saturday morning breakfast.
this is sister's waffle but i do think the placement of the strawberries looks like the olympics logo.

3. baby girl's bedding finally came! it was back-ordered for so long!
we put it all together and the room is really coming along! i love it.

4. my sweet girlfriends threw me a small little shower on friday night.
my closie alisha made my absolute favorite cupcakes - pink champagne.
they were heavenly.

5.  aunty got baby girl some giants' gear. 
girlfriend will know what's up straight out of the womb.
[also. is "womb" a weird word to say on a public blog?]

6. started a fun project with all my instagram pics.
my friend heatherboss told me about this really cool app called PostalPix that prints out your instagram pics for super cheap.
 i'm loving it so far and can't wait to add more!

7. on sunday mornings we go for a drive since church doesn't start til 11:15. 
we generally grab a starbucks and a zucchini muffin. love.

and just for kicks and giggles...
my boys matched for church this week.
all the way down to the old skool vans.

i personally thought it was so cute.
really made me excited to match baby girl with big a poofy tutu and flower headbands.
[totes jkatw. i'll leave those fashion statements up to her. my legs are too white this year.]


  1. I'm do jealous of your sister time!
    Totally doing that with my IG pics.
    I giggled out loud with the visual of you and baby girl matching. Come on, Katy. Rock that tutu!

  2. I can't wait to see what the lil' lady's nursery will look like. Always so exciting. You guys are so funny and totally cute dressed alike. They must keep you laughing nonstop.

  3. Is it bad that I want an iPhone just for instagram? Haha. Love what you've done with them!

  4. no. i want to see you match baby girl. please?
    love your weekend! hooray for sweet friends, family and cute matchy boys!

    love you xo

  5. love the shout out to olympics via breakfast food. i think womb is totes acceptable web vocab but please avoid the phrase 'birth canal' when referencing your daughter's day of days. can't wait to 'virtually meet' her! <3 <3 <3

  6. love the way your pics look and can't wait to see more of baby girl's bedding.
    i am in love with it!
    matching boys are the cutest.

  7. can't wait to see her nursery!!! the colors are fabulous!!!
    Love the IG idea...heard of PostalPix recently, too. Do you print 4 x 4 or 5 x 5? Can't decide which one to go with!

  8. womb is not weird. I was updating my phone software so I could get postalpix and order a bunch of photos. While upgrading all 600 pics were swiped from my phone! WHA? starting fresh now, love that project ;)

  9. i always love your wkend sevens. yours are much more eventful than mine these days. hah!

  10. i need an iphone so i can make an instagram wall.
    baby girls bedding is gorgeous.

  11. can't handle the matching outfits. and womb is cute. kinda weird but still an okay word to use in public.
    also those instagram pics are killer.
    i have a keypad phone doesn't even have internet. ;P

  12. the waffles look delish...caleb always makes at our house on the weekends. ans can't wait to see baby girls room!

  13. i am getting that app ASAP.

    and i love that your boys are twinsies. so sweet!

  14. so--delish waffles--such cute bedding--and picts!
    i really want to start printing off my iG picts--yours look darling!

  15. So fun your fam was there! Love it. And I can't wait to see baby girl's room! Gonna be so sweet & beautiful!

  16. Where is baby girls bedding from? So cute!

  17. Where did you get baby girls bedding? So cute!


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