Wednesday, April 11, 2012 feels good to be done.

in 2009 i decided i wanted to make a huge collage wall for my living room.
i started collecting prints from etsy and frames from ebay.
and little by little, my wall started evolving. 
it has been fun - one of the most fun things i've done in my home.

i went to go find you the very first picture i took of it, and blogger deleted it right when i found it.
i love blogger, sometimes, don't you?
so here is the wall at our last home - right before we bought this one.


i actually really loved this wall. 
but i knew that when i re-did it at our new home, i wanted to make a few changes.
for one thing, i didn't want wrapping paper framed anymore. 
and i knew the color of the wall would be different so i would have to change up the frames.
and i wanted to expand everything - the wall space in our new home is a lot bigger.

i've been slowly working on perfecting it since we moved in here in september.
and i've needed one last thing for a month or two now in order for it to be done.
i added it to my favorites on etsy quite some time ago and i've just been waiting to save a little bit more money.
and guess what?
yesterday, it came in the mail. 
sneaky little stinker went on my etsy favorites and bought it.
i squealed loudly when i opened the package.
and my eyes might have filled up with momentary hormonal tears for a sec or two.
i wanted a 4 for our family of 4.

and now my wall is complete.
and i could not be happier.
i have stared at it all day.

feels so good to be done.


all frames from the frame guys
letters "f, m, c and &" from anthropologie and letters "s and k" from pier 1 imports
and the number 4 is from salvage nation

and now....lets find something else to dream up for another wall, shall we?


  1. this looks SO good.
    you so fancy.
    love all the personal touches as well!

  2. oh it looks SO GOOD!!!
    the whole wall, and your 4. :)
    love you friend!!

  3. love. i need this in my life.
    your letters are crazy awesome!


  4. Love it bestie boo! I need your creativity over here!

  5. will you come help me with a collage wall? please. it looks great.

  6. so awesome...dying over this. i want this in my house.

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wall!!!! EEk! It looks SO good!

  8. Woah. That is amazing! Great job!!!!!'

  9. looks great. yay for sitting back and enjoying it!

  10. yay for anthro letters. love it.

  11. So can I get you to come do my walls? We are in desperate need of some change here and I am afraid to do it and make a horrible mistake.


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