Tuesday, April 24, 2012

camden jane and her name.


since we found out we were having a girl, we knew exactly what that little girl's name was going to be.

i have to give proper credit where credit is due.

back in november of 2010, one of my closest friends, Megan and i were driving up north to visit my mom and sister for a little weekend getaway. as we were nearing the exit that you take to get to my mom's house, megan looked up at the sign.

Me & my girl.

it said Camden.

"if you ever have a daughter, you should name her Camden," Megan said.
i looked over at her and knew right away that she was right.

We came home. Bows and all.

for my whole life, that's the exit you took to get to my grandma's house.
i cannot hear the word Camden and not think of her.
and then, when her and my grandpa died, my mom bought their house and moved in.
so now my mom lives there. and now we take that exit to get to her.
so both Cammie and i will think about our grandmas when we think about her name.

and Jane...well, that's an easy one. my mom's name is Janey.
and how cute does Cammie Jane sound together?
pretty cute if you ask me. 


so there you go.
Camden Jane.
named after my grandma and my mom.

and born on her great-grandpa's birthday!


  1. this makes me super happy.
    a perfect name for a darling girl.

    sending you and cammie jane hugs!

  2. oh, and how super cool to share her great-grandpa's bday!
    she will love that!

  3. love!!!!! how am i gonna follow that if i ever have a girl? go for moms middle name i guess? nice nailbeds in the first pic...

  4. most perfect name story ever.
    love the awesomeness of the name paired with the special family meaning behind it.

    you have a naming gift.
    or maybe megan does.

    can cammie has the gift of cuteness. for sure.

  5. My grandfather was from Camden, Maine. Had he still been alive when Kayla was born, I think she would have been Camden. He would have loved that. And I think I know the Camden that you are referring to. Now I will go stalk your mom. Just kidding. Promise.

  6. Ahhh! How adorable! I think you picked the perfect name! Congrats. <3

  7. p.s. I love love LOVE her elephant outfit!

  8. that is just precious. i love that story. and if i ever have another girl, her name is going to be jane...just cause i think it's sweet :)

  9. She is a beauty just like her momma. Congratulations on your precious baby girl!

  10. that is the sweetest story katy.

  11. oh my gosh, i didn't know any of this!
    I love that her name has such a special story.
    been thinking of you and your sweet family.
    i hope everyone is settling in well together.

  12. This is just precious! Such a great story behind her name!

  13. Aw I didn't know all that- how special & sweet. Love her name even more- and I didn't think that was possible! Hope you guys are doing well! She is just a tiny little peach!

  14. That's really cute! I love that name.

  15. beautiful name, beautiful baby girl :)

  16. Yeah! Congrats, sweet Katy, on your baby girl (and Scott and Miles, too)! Love ya!

  17. love! oh man, love.
    a smooch & a pinch to miss camden.
    i just love her.

  18. Congrats! Love the name. And you look way too cute for having a baby. Go mess up your hair and paint some dark circles under your eyes or something.

  19. My 2 year old son is named Miles and if we ever have a girl her name will most likely be Camden ('Cam'). Are we long lost cousins or something? I think it's safe to say we have the same taste in names.

  20. dear heavens above, friend, camden is beautiful. the story behind her name is a hallmark commercial tearjerker. i love it. how are you feeling? do we get the whole birth story once things "calm down"?

  21. I LOVE when babies have special meanings to their names. I am all about being intentional when naming your child. This story made me CRY. I seriously have tears rolling down my cheeks. (I blame pregnancy hormones) Love her name and the meaning!


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