Tuesday, April 3, 2012

confessions and obsessions. [round two]



i never knew a changing table could bring me so much joy.
i promise to do a sneak peek into the nursery soon.
i'm almost done!

i feel like i need to just get this out in the open. 
i have not read the Hunger Games.
well....to set the record straight, i read 12 pages
and i felt like there was all this weird hunting and gathering
and i just couldn't hang with it all.
and there have been moments where i've thought, "maybe i'll give it another chance..."
but the hype...oh the hype. 
i. can't. handle. the. hype. 
so i will wait til the summer sometime to try again.
for now, they are DTM.
and i'm totally okay with that.

sidenote: has anyone heard of the book The Fault In Our Stars?
i'm gonna read that next.



i used to worry that miles would be stuck with the space in between his two front teeth for his whole life.
but now...i LOVE it. love love love it. i will be sad when his teeth adjust and it goes away.
we wore hats on our errands today.
his was army. mine was SF Giants.
goooooooo giants.
also...boooooooo roots.



there are 3 and a half weeks left til baby girl arrives.
the other day i got a text from my friend christie.
here is our exchange:

C: do you have your bags packed?
K: um, no.
C: my friend just had her baby at 36.5 weeks. it could happen.
is someone organizing your meals already? do you have a list of people you'd like contacted?
K: omgosh. i do not have anything planned and i'm laughing at you out loud right now.
C: you are going to give me an anxiety attack.
K: YOU are gonna put me into preterm labor!!

so that night, i went to bed thinking that i should probably be at least a little bit more prepared than i am.
i woke up like 18 times to go to the bathroom and everytime i would run back to the bed in my half-asleep stance and squeeze my legs shut in hopes it would stop my water from breaking.
true story.
very true.



this has been my favorite picture that i've drawn so far.
it went to cuppakim.
i will send a prize to the first person who leaves a comment with the correct answer.


you tell me a confession.
or an obsession.
whatever your fancy.


  1. Angelina. Or leg. Both are equally famous.

  2. love the changing table. and miles. and your drawing of angelina!!

    i am obsessed with you. not the scaredy kind though. promise.

  3. i am so embarrassed if i guessed wrong!

  4. Angelina Jolie :0) love love your changing table

  5. That picture rocks! I'm about 12 pages into Hunger Games, I think I can hang. Let me know if your book is good.

  6. I'm so proud I made your blog. But seriously. Pack a bag or something. I'm stressin'.

    It's Angie's leg. And it's fabulous.

    I'm trying to type this on my iPhone whilst eating a quesadilla and watching Seinfeld in bed. So I apologize if it turns out all janky.

  7. Angelina Jolie.


    You really should pack your bags sister.

  8. These are fun.
    Is it Carrie underwood?

  9. That's so Miz Jolie. And The Fault in Our Stars is genius.

  10. hahaha..angelina jolie!

    and that changing table is amazing!!

  11. Wow, I am in love with that changing table!! Can't wait to see the nursery :)

  12. that drawing is awesome! so is that changing table.

    my current obsession is hunting down a half-finished doily wreath that has been packed up since we moved here. i'm going crazy trying to find it.

  13. Your drawing is amazing. You are a regular Picasso over there.
    Omg 3.5 weeks til baby? Um it's like she is here! Hurray!
    I like miles' little gap! I have one too, nothing big but a tiny one. Mostly I like it:)

  14. confession: i did read the first hunger games book. and i hated it.

    there, now it's out there!! haha! but seriously, it's cool to hear someone else didn't get into it either. my guilt is now lifted and for that i say thank you. ha

  15. your HG comment is an arrow straight to my heart. i'm now lying in a pool of blood. you could easily finish me by shaving off my eyebrows.

    but i'm with you on the hype. like so annoy. because i know for sure she wrote those books JUST for my eyes only.

  16. that's so angelina, and you are SO FUNNY.

  17. confession: i have zero desire to read the hunger games or see the movie.
    i sort of think that means i can't be a blogger anymore, but i'm not sure.

  18. Love the gap, I've learned to adore Ashlynn's too.
    Confession: I only play draw something with Ryan because I'm SO bad it's embarrassing.

  19. this whole post cr-acks me up. here's a confession: i refuse to read the Hunger Games or see the movie. I'm sorry, I just can't wrap my mind around the premise. Readers of comments, please don't hate.......
    happy easter, katy! <3


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