Tuesday, April 17, 2012

on being 38 weeks pregnant.

Nobody likes a whiner, so let's just say...my body is super glad that number is getting smaller and smaller.

now, lets discuss this time in my life, shall we?
i am not super in love with cleaning.
i mean, i'll do it because i have to and because it makes my husband really happy with me.
he is a clean fah-reak, if you know what i mean.
kinda bugs after awhile.

but something happened to my heart and soul like a week ago, and i can't stop cleaning.
like, guys, we have a serious problem.
i've gone through a bulk pack of clorox wipes in a week.
and i'm on my 2nd bulk pack and i'm not slowing down.
i will wipe down the counter, and see a crumb, and get super happy and excited.
because...omgosh! i get to use another wipe! and something else needs to be cleaned!


i posted the above picture to instagram last week.
i mean, people freaked out at the pic.
like clorox wipes are the greatest thing known to man, or something.
contrary to what some people believed on insta, 
NO, i do not crave eating clorox wipes.
i just crave using them. like a freak show.
and i crave the smell.
i could sleep with one on my nose i think.
i think. maybe not, but possibly.

and also, i have been mopping and sweeping and doing really weird things at really weird times.
like, on friday night, i was giddy with anticipation as i cleaned out my fridge:


i texted the pic to one of my closies, megan, and she was like, "ummmm, are you gonna starve?"
um, no, megan. i have sour cream and sun dried tomatoes. duh.
scott got a little fiesty with me and told me to restock the next day, but whatevs.
to each their own.

i also cleaned the baseboards.
i dust every day. i even use dust wipes! i hid them though so scott doesn't think i'm a freak for buying more wipes.
what can i say though? these are specifically for dusting, scooter.

and the toilet gets wiped down with a wipe after lit-er-al-ly every usage.
sometimes, i'll just think it's probably been a few hours since the last time and i'll pop into the bathroom to touch up, you know?
you know. i know you know.
no one can hold me downnnnnnn.

enjoy it while it lasts is what i say.

also, lemon fresh scent is the bomb.com.
all the others are dead to me. [DTM]
i mean, i'll use them cause i have to and cause scooter thinks its wasteful if i throw a whole pack away.
but i mean, i won't sleep with any of those on my face or anything.


  1. omg. stop it.
    come over and bring a pack of wipes.
    yellow pack only.

    i went on a wipe rampage a few years ago.
    i got the dusting, windex, clorox, glass cooktop, leather, etc. You name it.
    Every different type of wipes.

    Want to know something hilarious? If the dogs have an accident at my parents house, my mom uses the wipes.
    I kid you not.
    She taught me all my wiping ways.

    It's kinda weird.
    But also, it works.
    So it's not that weird.

    You know what is weird? Eating wipes.
    Denial is the first sign of a problem....

  2. Also, at work, before my coworker who orders supplies went on maternity leave, I made her order me a secret stash of wipes.
    Yellow only.
    Sometimes they become a big issue around here (chemicals, fragrances, AHHH), so I secretly keep them in my drawer and use them when no one is looking.

    Clearly, I have a lot of stories about wipes.

  3. Lemon scent is def the bomb. My hands get dry and cracked from using those as much as I do. Get it girl, soon you'll be too tired and busy to clean.

  4. this is hilarious! i consider clorox wipes a major "splurge"--they are so wonderful for cleaning the bathroom before company comes and i have ZERO time! i can't believe baby girl is almost here! are you ready to PUSH?

  5. katy, darling ... thank you for making me laugh so hard that my sides hurt. and that i spit my coffee and cookies EVERY where. I bet my husband would have a parade if only i would clean like that! nesting honey, nothing like it! and i now have refrigerator envy ... xoxo

  6. I like the scent of the blue wipes WAY better! Lemon scent..you crazy!

    Why do the bulk double packs come with one of each scent?!? Makes me mad. If we lived closer we could switch. It would be perfect.

  7. i was obsessed with laundry detergent...only the powered kind...no liquid...and I might have thought about tasting it. I promise i never did. i just did lots of laundry.

  8. nesting it up with the clorox wipes, girl.....you got it BAAAAD. just look at that countertop all sparkly and shiny! <3

  9. um, sounds to me like someone is nesting! baha. too funny. that means shes-a-comin, right? riiiiiiight. :)

  10. Laughed my butt off. You are way too awesome.
    Ryan is the exact same way about a clean house. That's his love language.

  11. bahaha. you are cray. and fyi, clorox wipes are toxic, lol. so. don't sleep with them on your nose.

  12. Hurry over to my place before that girl makes her debut. My house needs a scrubbin'

  13. You speak my language ... clean ... if only it were a love language ..lol.

  14. I was like this with my 2 girls during the last month....I couldn't stop nesting/cleaning!!!
    It was insane...I remember one time Kevin and I were watching a movie one Saturday night and I couldn't focus on the movie because my baseboards were dirty & I started cleaning them during the movie! Ha! Can't wait for your Baby C's arrival!!!!

  15. you are hilarious! can't believe you are so close! exciting!

  16. I'm pretty sure God gives women that fury to clean because of lack of cleaning after the little one arrives. I'm def. not there yet, just a thought :)

    After catching up with you, I wanted to say that yes, The Fault In Our Stars is really good! Technically I listened to it on cd- but I love the story & writing style/story-telling. I had to return it to the library so I'm still waiting to read/hear the end :) I can't wait!!


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