Sunday, April 29, 2012

weekend 7's.

1. grammy was here for a week. she left on friday.
i cried for an hour and could still cry if i really wanted to.
she is so helpful and i love having her around.

Mom leaves tomorrow. Gonna miss her. Lots.

2. trying to get back on the bean, if you will.
it's working so-so. 
what if this pregnancy changed me forever and i never like coffee again?!?
i don't know if i can hang with that.


3. love those little lips.


4. miles got a haircut.
praise the Lord God Almighty.
he was starting to look like a Beatle.
also, i did not go because i don't think i could handle the screaming at this point in my nursing days.
but scooter did say he screamed. a lot.
target was my saving grace.


5. we're making progress in the brother-sister development.
miles touches her feet now and calls her "sissy".


6. davi girl came over and we had a little photo shoot.
my heart flutters just thinking about it.

This happened today.

7. changed up my chalkboard.
we don't need a cammie countdown anymore.


p.s. it was our 7th anniversary one day this last week.
we celebrated in high-class style with a family drive to chick-fil-a for ice cream cones.
all i have as a memory is this blurry instagram pic.

if i was really cool, i would say that the focus of the pic is actually on the road ahead of us.
because we forgive the past and keep truckin' along.
but really, i just messed up the picture.
i'm still gonna focus on the road ahead though. ;)


hope you had a great weekend.
be the reason someone smiles today!


  1. you have the cutest mugs.
    excellent mug taste.
    you are going to be an amazing swapper this summer.

    your chalkboard is amazing.
    i would like to be a copycat.

    miles looks styling. so glad you got to avoid that drama.

    also, your anni and mylie were born in the same week.
    i feel like that is symbolic or something.
    as symbolic as your picture.

  2. What a week!!! What a beautiful little girl and handsome son! What am amazing road that lies ahead of you and your sweet family!!

  3. can't wait to see the pics davy took. i know they're going to be amazing.

  4. miles looks so handsome with his new hair cut!

    and the first pic of grammy and the kids just melts my heart:( mom's are the best. mama fix it, haha.

  5. Love his haircut! Love Cammie in the droor. And you must like coffee again. I insist.

  6. praise jesus for sweet mama's who can come and help. loving the haircut. elijah needs one, and uh, we're waiting for it to miraculously cut itself i guess.

    please get on the bean for real. you need it:)

    and i need you. love.

  7. i cried for days when my mom left after i had my second.

  8. I swear, Miles is going to have no problem with the ladies....that face is irresistible.
    Can't wait to see those pictures!

    And your road pic? I felt that in a deep way.

  9. I've clearly been MIA from your blog posts! Congrats on baby Cammy! She is adorable! Seriously, you and Scooter make cute kids :) And I love that you call your mom grammy- we do that with my mom too. Except we don't have kids yet and when we call her grammy it's in reference to her being a fur-grammy to our beagle- Charlie the Wonder Dog. We're dorks.
    So happy for you guys and happy belated anniversary!


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