Tuesday, April 10, 2012

weekend sevens. [Easter edition]

1. miles loves to kiss now.
they are sloppy and open-mouthed.
and i for sure have to be extremely guarded going into it.
but i'll take them anytime, anywhere.


2. got a fun Easter package from my bloggy friend, hannah girl.
i really love how i have established some really close friends because of this blogging community.
thanks, hannah! the candy was eaten in like, 2.5 secs.


3. are you judging?
i didn't eat any of their meat.
and this will stop when the pregnancy is over.


4. got all decked out in our denim shirts and spiked hair for Easter service.


5. loved putting together miles' Easter basket this year.
found this little tin at target for $2.50.


so naturally i had to buy baby girl one for next year.


and Cars cars were on sale for $0.99 so i went for it.


6. had an Easter egg hunt at my in-laws.
we for sure do not know what that entails.
the hunt was color coded and his were blue.
but of course, every egg was up for grabs for him.
luckily, scooter was all over that, cause you know i wasn't running after him with my whale-esque body shape of the moment.


7. my MIL bought me and baby girl some matching converse. 
i love them!
now we just have to get matching  SF Giants' gear and we'll be set.

My MIL bought baby girl and me matching chucks or Easter. To me, this screams "Go Giants!"....yes?


  1. so sweet...gotta have matching shoes with your girlie :) soph and i have matching wellies...

  2. i seriously get more enjoyment out of putting together the easter baskets then she does receiving them.
    that pic of you and miles is ridiculous. way to much cute.
    those chucks rock. major.

  3. i think my boys are too old for easter baskets now.

  4. girl, i am absolutely NOT judging your taco bell habits.
    i would eat taco bell for every meal if i could.
    please do not reverse judge.
    small nachos.
    with every order.

    also, i have never worn a pair of chucks. but i think they are adorable.
    i'm more of a jacks girl.
    do they make baby jacks? because if so, my future children will need to wear them.
    because that is way too cute.

    look at me commenting. ;)

  5. cutest easter buckets! LOVE.
    you are such a sweet, cute mama.
    at my parents house, we organized kiddo egg hunts AND adult egg hunts.
    super crazy and awesome.

    wish we lived closer. xo

  6. Love target sales! Chucks are my favorite shoes for little kids!!! i have like 5 pair of hot pink ones :)

  7. those matching converse are rad! praise Jesus for daddys who do the whole easter egg hunt thing....and i don't even have the prego excuse! looks like a fun weekend


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