Sunday, April 8, 2012

weekend sevens. [nursery edition]

so. this weekend i finished baby girl's nursery. almost.
just a few more finishing touches and i'll be done.
i had a few things that i really had my heart set on.
last weekend we set out to accomplish everything and nothing was working the way i wanted it to.
so i reorganized and lost a whole lot of sleep trying to plan it out in my head.
friday night we set out to try and get the room done and once again nothing was going the way i wanted it to.
i sat on baby girl's floor crying at 10pm and finally realized...
a baby's room.
she will literally have NO CLUE how much heart and soul and money 
and sweat and tears went into this room.
so at 10pm on friday night, i surrendered the room.
there was/is no eternal value in such a temporary place. 
and i was tired of the battle of things not going exactly how i planned.
it's lame. so, so, SO lame that i even let my priorities get so out of whack.

so, while this room might have a few things that don't look the way i had dreamed of, 
i think it has turned out quite nicely and i am happy with the almost end result.
i am not quite ready to share her name with the internet world,
so for that reason, there are a few really fun details that i am keeping to myself.
with only three weeks left til she comes, you will see all those fun details soon enough!

so here are a few of the details of her room that i am super excited about.
i am NOT a photog, and some of these pictures are just crappy.
with bad lighting and bad angles and bad whatevs.
so just bare with me!
these are just close-up shots that you're getting today.
and once she's born, i'll show you everything in whole!

1. the crib bedding.
i knew i didn't want something totally pink for her bedding.
i spent several weeks - even months - searching for the perfect bedding for her.
my mom was visiting one weekend and we randomly checked land of nod
one last time before i ordered some basic bedding from somewhere else.
out of the blue, we found this amazing gray and gold bedding - the exact colors i was searching for.


2. the turquoise changing table.
i bought the changing table on craig's list for $25 and spray painted it!
and bought those fun baskets at cost plus world market.
the striped changing pad cover is from land of nod.

Picnik collage

3. the chalkboard and lamp.
all we did was paint chalkboard paint on the wall and frame it with an old empty frame that i bought at a garage sale.
scooter spray painted it turquoise.
and i looked for days for the perfect lampshade and randomly found it at Home Goods.
i am working on a fun little banner to add to the wall with some other things shortly.

Picnik collage

4. the sparkle power prints.
this little corner belongs to the rocking chair that hasn't been moved into the bedroom yet.
i bought these prints from sparkle power and candace was awesome to work with!
i really wanted the two prints to match color wise and they made it work for me!
and the prints got to me super quick and they were just so nice and friendly.
the strips of fabric that you see hanging down are from the cutest banner that my close friend, davi, made for baby girl's shower.


5. the wheatfield print wall.
i am pretty sure i have at least 8 prints by katie daisy in my home.
i mean, how can you not? they are amazing.
i found the LOVE print awhile back but i really wanted it large and in charge and katie totally custom made it for me - which was so nice! and the other prints were easy to pick out. :)
i buy all the frames in my house from this amazing guy on ebay.

Picnik collage

6. the rocking chair pillow.
a month or two ago, my friend lorieloo asked what she could make for baby girl 
that was something i really needed.
little did she know, i was already planning on asking her to make a pillow for the rocking chair.
i could not have asked for a better fit.
she worked so hard to make sure it all matched without "matching" - just the way i like things.
and i know a lot of heart and soul went into that pillow.
i am sooooo in love.


7. a few more details.
i added this cute little hook for all her headbands on the wall next to her chalkboard
with another little print from katie daisy.
the hook is from anthropologie.
my close friend christie made her some amazing felt bows 
that i'm sure you will see lots more of in the future. 
and my mom bought her this amazing little lamb that plays music.
i think it's presh and love it.
(the washi tape on the sparkle power and the wheatfield prints was a gift from hannah girl.)

Picnik collage

so. there you go.
not quite done.
not quite perfect.
but every time i walk in that room, my heart gets so happy and excited and joyful.
sometimes i want to sleep in it myself.
and you'll see the finished product soon enough in all it's glory - and even better - with baby girl inside.
(sooner rather than later....????????? please???????)

i'll be back tomorrow with Easter highlights.


  1. delightfully sweet! LOVE and adore each precious, cheerful detail.


  2. she is so sweet and loved already and her room shows it! so cute kg! can't wait to see it all!

  3. Yessssss!!! I've been waiting for a glimpse into this sweet angel's room!!! It looks AMAZING from these details!! Can't wait to see pics of the lil munchkin sleeping in it :)

  4. Adorable, Katy. She will fit right in!

  5. It's wonderful Katy! And the color scheme...WOW!

  6. it's just a nursery, it's just a nursery, it's just a nursery.
    i getcha girl.
    been there.
    actually i probably get to that point every day.
    with everything.

    but let me tell you, that is one KA nursery you've got going. ;)

  7. every detail is perfect.
    i can't believe you were holding out about your frame guy.
    his shop looks awesome!

  8. LOVE it all! love land of katy daisy. love it. yeah for nurseries!!

  9. man i adore all of it, katy! that bedding is stupendous! i also really love the colors/patterns and the bow on the pillow.
    i want to order a katy daisy for sissy's room now.;-)
    thanks for sharing.
    i hope you are feeling ok.

  10. ok, this is out of control. i l-o-v-e every little detail.
    i COMPLETELY understand the frustration with it not being 'just right' but let me tell ya, it's all kind of right.
    she is going to love it :)

  11. Ummmmmmm how did I miss this?!?!?! Looooooooove it girl.

  12. Ummmmmmm how did I miss this?!?!?! Looooooooove it girl.

  13. AHHHHH LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I need to post pics of my have inspired me :)

  14. seriously. how did iiiii miss this?! you're s'posed to text me w these amazing posts, remember? ;) i LOVE it. every single corner. what a lucky baby girl to get to live in there. sooo good :)

  15. What a lucky little girl!!!!! I love all the new amazing bedding they have for babes now days. It wasn't like this 8 years ago when I had my girls. Now I have one that wants ZEBRA print everything WHAT!?! I am vomiting in my mouth over this I despise animal print anything and ZEBRA!!! Can you just come do her room for me!?!

  16. love love the bedding and pretty much everything else. beautiful job hesher. baby girl is blessed!


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