Monday, April 16, 2012

weekend sevens, yo.

1. omgosh, i packed, alright?
i packed. everyone can get off my back.
kinda. i have a few more things to add. ha ha ha.


2. my sweet blog friend jami send baby girl some cute prints from my other blog friend, aly at blossom & vine.
i love them! and i love my blog friends.
i am seriously so blessed and thankful for the dear friends i've made and met through this blog world!
now i just have to find the perfect spot for them!!


3. do you guys think miles is sick?
poor little guy.


4. scott made us a delightful steak dinner the other night.
with melted blue cheese. yum.


5. tickle fest with dad!
(aka :: snot everywhere)


6. spring is in the air!
we enjoyed some nice walks after the rain passed this weekend!
i walk slow guys. reallllll slow.
also, isn't the stroller positioned so strategically? 
its called.....i'm 38 weeks and i'm not showing you how big i really am.


7. love the spring flowers.
so full of life! 


let's take a poll, shall we?
who thinks baby girl will be around for next week's weekend sevens?

hope your weekend was full of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.


  1. oh, i hope she is around for next sevens!

    you are too cute. xoxo

  2. i want to come over for steak and bleu cheese and strawberries.
    be there in what, 6 hours?

    also, miles. what a snotty adorable mess.

    you are cute prego. super cute.

    i hope you dont hate me, but i think you will be around for another weekend of 7's.
    and, hopefully if not, you will have the wifi and be able 7-up in the hospy.
    can we get a confirmation on that?

    right? right.

  3. Poor miles can't win with the bipolar weather we're having. Seriously Saturday was like 50 degrees today we're melting.

    I hope your girl is here for next weeks sevens. I feel your pain.

  4. Poor boy will he catch a break with the colds!?! Well I am thinking you go two more weeks before baby girl gets here!! Sorry :( but you look so dang sweet pregnant.

  5. hahaha, the def dead flowers kill me. haha.

    and wow, the pic of miles. makes me all anxious to grab a hanky and mop up his face, LOL. poor baby.

    i bet next week she will be here! weeeee!

  6. 1.yay for packing. the prints. love how you have them hung. do you want to send them to me?
    3.poor miles. he looks like E and V lately.
    4. my mouth is watering.
    5. tickles with daddy are the best.
    6. your so cute preggo. seriously.
    7. i. love. spring. it's my fav.
    She's coming. just say it over and over and maybe it will happen.

  7. i just got super nervous/anxious for you. is that normal? like there's a huge gulp in my throat all of a sudden. i want her to be here SO BAAAAAAD!!!!!!!! i better be on your text list. just sayin'.

  8. i hope baby girl is here for next weekend's round of sevens!
    you are a hoot with the stroller like that. SHOW US THE BELLY.
    i get it though. it's okay...i love aly and jami. :-)

  9. oh miles. sad times. :( i hope he's feeling better girl!
    glad you're packed & ready to go because i think she'll be here soon! but what do i know?! haha. i just want her to be here soon!

    looooooove you & cannot WAIT to hear she's here!!!!!!

  10. oh i hope baby girl is here for next week's sevens! sweet thing better get better before his sissy gets here!!

  11. packing is over rated...I packed 5 mins before we left :) Getting excited for you!!!

  12. My house if full of snot all the time, what's wrong with that? Also, when you find the perfect spot for the prints can you send me the thing you have them on in that picture, cuz I want it. Thanks. I hope she is around for the next 7s!

  13. all i have to say is you seriously make me laugh. every time.
    and you are a hot pregnant lady.
    and i'm not just saying that, i mean it.


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