Monday, May 21, 2012

camden jane::one month.


sweet girl.
have four weeks really flown by that fast?


in some ways, i want to press pause and soak up every last minute of your newborn smell.
and in other ways, i just want to know what you're gonna be like.


you are such an easy-going little sweet pea to have around.


and can we discuss those eyes for a second?
stealing my heart a little more each minute.


camden jane: 
more and more each day, you complete this family in ways i didn't know needed it.
 it is a delight to be your mama.

p.s. my friend becca made these shirts for cammie jane! i am in love. she needs a shop.


  1. She's precious Katy and she'll only continue to steal your heart the older she gets. Something about girls. :)

  2. Seriously in love with her.
    She seems a lot like Selah, I think they should be bff's.
    Oh and where did you get her bows?

  3. Oh man, she is so so cute & I can't believe she's a month old already!

  4. B-E-A-utiful!!! love the clean baby smell!

  5. cammie jane. Y U 1 month already!?!?

    Y U so cute?

    Y U on fun chair in the middle of the street? :)
    (katy: please discuss this in your email reply to this comment).

    happy one month little one.
    can't wait to meet you!

  6. She does need a shop because they are adorable...and so is your sweet baby girl :)

  7. her face is just so delicious. i can't handle it.
    a month already. WHAT?!?!
    why do they grow so fast?
    also i bathed my boys with baby soap until they were like 6 trying to keep the baby smell forever. however it came to a point that baby soap didn't get the dirt off of them. i love the baby smell.

    have a great week!

  8. toats adorbs pics, toats adorbs girl. yes, your friend needs a shop!

  9. She is so precious. Still can't believe she's here... And it's been a month already!

  10. oh my gosh, this is the first ever other GIRL camden i have found! :) mine is five. and yours is adorbs.

  11. shut right UP. i can't believe she's a MONTH old already.
    what a cute lil' photo sesh. i just love her. she is beautiful, katy.

  12. thank you for making my monday absolutely wonderful by posting these pics. she is so so so so so cute, katy!

  13. melt my heart! yes, her eyes are magical.
    sweet cammie girl!
    love you xo

  14. WHAT she is 1 MONTH ALREADY!?! My goodness times flies by, she is just the sweetest thing ever and her bow so dang cute!!!

  15. I cannot believe she is 1 month!!!! Crazy! And, those shirts are adorable...I need to get some after I have this baby!


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