Thursday, May 31, 2012

goodbye may. hello june.

tomorrow is june first.
june is my favorite month.
why, you ask? well. let me tell you.

[summer trips to the coast to escape the 100+ degree weather.]


[enjoying the sunshine.]


[seeing God's goodness in small details each day.]


[hanging out with friends]
watching bachelorette.
sharing lunch dates.
group texting.
meeting at the pool.
celebrating birthdays.
(mine and my friends')

IMG_3302 vw

[watching miles celebrate his second birthday.]
(two days after mine.)


june is gonna be fun.
and every friday, i'm gonna bring you in on the fun too.
to celebrate my 31st birthday, i'll be having a giveaway each friday from some of my favorite shops. 
i can't wait! 
starting tomorrow.
so be there or be square.

katy (2)

hello, june!
what are you excited about?


  1. June is my absolute fave too!
    Yay for giveaways!

  2. hot diggity. i did NOT realize june was TOMORROW.
    and your giveaways start TOMORROW.
    i'm winning.
    just putting it out there.
    move over other commenters. ;)

  3. june is my favorite month too! whose birthday month isn't their favorite.

  4. I must say June is the BEST month to have a birthday :)

  5. I can't wait for June because this stay at home mama of two little ones needs some sunshine and a reason to eat ice cream!!!

  6. holla! i miss the beach. i can't be sad though, it's your birthday month AND my wedding anniversary on sunday!!

  7. This post makes me miss California.

  8. Wow I want to go to the beach.
    Did you know that we have 8 birthdays in my family on June. Including the 22 and 24th.

    And move over miss Kim. I, in fact will be winning. (

  9. June really is a great month, I agree. How sweet are you to do a giveaway each week. I'm excited about the earrings for today!


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