Friday, May 25, 2012

insta love and link love.

instagram takes the joy out of surprising everyone with amazing cell phone pictures.
at least neither of our families have instagram so they are always so excited (i'm sure of this) to see what i post.
right? right mom? 

basically, i realized this week that i have twins two years apart.
i sent this picture to scott without the names on it and he said,
"oh, i just want to be home with her!"
and i said, "ummmmm one of them is miles." and he was shocked.

Same baby.

i kind of have an obsession with arrows lately. anyone else?

i love this necklace! seriously want it.

dying. dying for this ring. actually, i'll take the whole website, no?

love this shop! you need to check it out. love this arrow print!
she's having a sale! use the code weekend25 for 25% off! 


sometimes cammie jane sleeps with her eyes open.
i know this is normal for some babies because of the sleep cycles that they go through.
(i am an avid baby sleep book reader because i am always desperate for more sleep. haha)
even if it's normal, i find it to be slightly creepy at times.


i really, really love this necklace. i think it is the cutest thing. i love that the chain is longer!
the whole shop is cute.

this bracelet cuff is perfect for summer outfits, don't you think?
i guarantee i'll get a text from my sister about it.

you remembered to enter hannah's giveaway, right?
go visit her shop!  this is my favorite pair today. :)

and this weekend got started off on the wrong foot.
miles found this dodger's hat in his closet.
booooooo we hate dodgers around here.
put that hat back in the closet where it belongs.

This hat belongs back in the closet where he found it. Sorry @oliveoyl2001 #dodgersmakemewannavom

this weekend we are headed up north to visit my family!
we will not be taking the dodger's hat.
we bleed black and orange, remember?

have a great weekend!


  1. #1. Do you love arrows now because you secretly love The Hunger Games? Because I'm toats obsessed but it started with my love of Katniss two years ago and just escalated.

    #2. Go Dodgers. Beat the Giants. And everyone else because you are awesome.

    #3. Love CJ and "baby Miles" (as Swee'Pea calls him...) too!

  2. ok, love that scott had no clue!

    i think you not only need to leave the dodger hat at home, in the closet, but maybe in the trash. outside. on pick up day.

  3. Ok, kind of dying over here. I am obsessed with arrows, like as much as coconut. Two words to describe me? Coconut arrow.
    I'm going to get an arrow tatoo( writing a post about why very shortly).
    So needless to say, I think I need all of those arrow

    I never get tired of seeing your pics.

    Just ordered my Hannah earings!

    I wish I was passionate about a specific sports team. Your so cool.
    Have a fun weekend with your family!!!!
    Love ya bunches!

  4. hey. Stacy Lynn (the yellow cuff) is a regular vendor at the queen bee market (next weekend, Friday 4-9 and Saturday 9-3) in Carlsbad. sorta a drive for you but maybe you could make it a girls trip? I guess you did just have a baby. ha! would be fun to see you though! I'm not selling but definitely shopping ;)

    also, loved all your arrow links. so lovely. and your babies are clones. how crazy!?!

  5. I can't believe you even allow a Dodger hat in your house...I would have donated it to goodwill. Ha!
    WOW...they look IDENTICAL. Crazy. And...if you come to the East Bay, please, please email me! Would love to meet up & meet Miss Cammie Jane!!

  6. hahahaha. olive oyl took the words RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH. You secretly love hunger games. hahahaha. i actually wanted to run out and get a bow and arrow after reading the books. they are so hot.

  7. you do have miss you.

  8. oh friend! I have a book for you...

    12 ours sleep by 12 weeks.

    my oldest was sleeping 8pm to 8 am , by 12 weeks. my middle was sleeping 8 pm to 7 am by 10 weeks and I am doing the "sleep training" now with my 9 week old and she is sleeping 8 pm to 4 am with out waking :)

    It is not for everyone especially if co-parenting is your thing...

    email me if you have any questions! I too am a fan of sleep

  9. p.s. adorable how much they look alike!

    p.s.s. I might be the only person who hasn't read hunger games :(

  10. the babies DO LOOK ALIKE! oh my gosh! wish i could go with you and aly to carlsbad...;P


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