Sunday, May 13, 2012

it happens to be that time again...

for weekend sevens.

1. started out the weekend with my first full day on my own on thursday.
it was nice to have scotty home and company around but i was also ready for real life to start.
and life with two was a lot easier than i thought it would be. :)
i survived.

First official day on my own.  Need coffee. #igotthis

2. lorieloo brought us dinner on friday night.
pizza, ice cream bars, popcorn balls, and movies.
such a fun treat! thank you, lorie girl.


3. changed up the chalkboard.
inspired by this print
i hope to actually own the print someday! 

Chalkboard change. Inspired by a print off etsy.

4. miles + trampoline + ball = one happy mama there was a net around that biz.
i mean, that boy is quick. and has no fear.
but i never stop laughing when he's around.


5. dying over these footsies.


6. napping with this girl makes it hard to actually nap.
lots of staring going on.

Love napping with this little peanut.

7. best pic with my kids we could get.
aren't expectations funny?
i thought that for some reason my almost-two-year-old would somehow know that today was mother's day
and miraculously obey every time i asked him to and wouldn't throw a single tantrum.
i literally had to talk myself out of taking it personally that he didn't want to smile at the camera for me.
i feel like i went into this mother's day with expectations that were either unrealistic
or that i didn't voice and i just ended up disappointed a lot of the day.
not anyone's fault but my own, really.
i can't expect my family to know exactly what i'm hoping for if i don't speak up.
and i can't expect my family to meet my expectations if they're incredibly unrealistic.
scott always does a really, really great job of working really hard to make sure i know how much he appreciates me.
thank you, scooter!


hope you had a great weekend! 
sorry to all my friends on instagram for having to see all these pics twice. 


  1. look at you and your lil ones! you look like a pro :) I'm glad to hear your first day alone went well! It gets even easier when you get your routine down. I hope your Mother's Day was as fabulous as you are!! xo

  2. such a cute pic of you and your babies :)

    i think i had unrealistic expectations for mother's day as well. my husband shows me every other day he appreciates me but he was in a mood yesterday and i took it personally. so of course i was disappointed. thanks for helping me to change my perspective. and he DID bring home some beautiful flowers after work on friday!

  3. oh my GOSH...that last pic of cammie is adorbs. and you look like a true mama in it. and i wish so bad i coulda seen miles on that trampoline, why didnt you take a vid girl? and cute shirrrrrrt.

  4. first off, i LOOOOOVE seeing you with your two kiddos. eyes at the camera or not. the shot captures their interests. green toys. and um, staring in to space (ahem...cammie).

    also, i love your top. SOOO CUTE.

    and i feel ya with the expectations thing.
    i have a TERRIBLE time with high expectations, and i always end up feeling disappointed (birthdays, events, almost ANYTHING and EVERYTHING). i try and remind myself to lower them before i go into things, but that is like, nearly impossible.
    so i feel your frustration and disappointment. but i hear you and love that you recognize that and try to look past it (even if the disappointment is still lingering...that's okay).

    you are an amazing mom.
    and your people love you.
    for good reason. :)

    happy monday friend!

  5. I'm dying over those tootsies too, and I didn't even get a pic with my kids on Mother's Day so you did one better than me ;)

  6. love this weeks 7! I just survived 4 straight days solo with 3 was busy..:)

  7. i understand about expectations. half-way through mothers day i decided to speak up and tell john what i wanted and he ended being able to make it happen. but yes, they definitely can not read our minds.

    my boys now...another story. they will not pretend for the camera for me. no, no way, uh uh, forget it.

  8. Ummm, Katy, you look amazing in that last picture. It's like you didn't even just have a baby! Love that you have one kid on each hip ;) Happy Mother's Day!

  9. I love that last picture of you and the kids. You look so great! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  10. So glad you made it through your first day :) How thoughtful for friends to bring dinner and fun gifts...what a blessing. Love those little feet!


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