Thursday, May 17, 2012

a little bit of this.



is one of my new favorite pictures of miles.
love his hat. love his bat.
a little bit justin timberlake, a little bit san francisco giants.
best way to watch the morning news.

i'm loving this print from studio mela

i'm loving this quote. and i have always loved her shop.

camden needs every item in this shop.



is my new favorite item in my house.
i had been wanting a vintage map and my sister found it at my favorite antique shop on the coast.
and ever since i posted the pic on instagram, my sister has been whining for me to give her the credit.
here is your credit, sister. thanks for finding the map for me.
it's so BA. and so are you.

 this banner is so fun! i want it with a 4.

i am loving this bouquet. it would save me so much money. i am always buying flowers for my kitchen table.

this whole shop is the cutest.



is my new favorite picture of cammie jane.
those eyes....they are the sweetest.

i hope you have a perfect weekend.
be the reason someone smiles!


  1. love the kiddo photos. perfect.
    can't wait to check out all the links!

    you are a reason i smile.

  2. totally see why those are your favorite pictures of them.
    that map is BA. without a doubt. way to go katy's sister!
    i want stuff from each of those shops.

  3. Darling darling darling! Ps I buy adult long socks clearanced out at target for about two dollars cut the feet of the bottom and bam you have the perfect pair of leggings for girls - cute links today ;)

  4. i like it all. especially miles with hat and bat. CUTE!

  5. she is so adorable. and i love that pic of miles too....such a cutie.

  6. hey cammie.

    also, that map.
    i'm going to come steal it.
    brings me back to elementary school days.
    the best was when the teacher had it 'down'
    i would stare at it for HOURS.

    and BA.


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