Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the post where i brag about my friends a little.

i have super creative friends.
they seriously blow me away with their creative genes.
i thought i'd share with you some of the gifts they have given to sweet little cammie j.
each gift means the world to me.

my sweet friend, davigirl, made this banner for my shower. it is now hanging in cammie's room.
it matches perfectly!


davi also made cammie this amazing blanket. i love it!
it fits her just right in her car seat.


my close friend christie also made cammie girl a blanket.
 it is the perfect match for her room. i love how big it is!


alisha made cammie this amazing car seat cover.
i am in love with the fabric she chose.


oh heyyyyyyy girl...
love your toesies.

and you already saw the pillow lorieloo made her.
but in case you missed it...


it is all so amazing, right?
 and the next two gifts are not made by the gift givers, but they meant so much to me that i had to share them!

my bestie brooke had this made for cammie because it is a phrase that is near and dear to our hearts.
i cried when i opened it. obvi.


and scottyboy knocked my socks off with a custom made boppy cover from for the love of joy.
he emailed back and forth with her to make sure all the colors coordinated and everything.
what a gem, right? he also got me a lisa leonard necklace.
scotty is a great gift giver.


so now i have finished my bragging session.
camden jane is one spoiled little thing.

p.s. this bragging is done with humility. i promise.


  1. um, wow, yes. all of those things are amazing!! you do have some talented friends! i must say, i think the boppy cover is my favorite! :)

  2. if i were you i'd be bragging too! what lucky girls you two are to be blessed so abundantly.

  3. Oh my, that car seat cover and boppy cover. dying! You and Cammie are two lucky ladies ;)

  4. ok. where do i even start? can i make this comment my future baby registry? okay, i am going to do that.

    personalized bunting.
    ridiculously adorable, fantastic fabric mini carseat blanket?
    beautiful baby blanket, complete with the most lovely color combo.
    add that.
    unique and cute to the max car seat cover?
    where do i point the scan gun.
    pillow with ribbon.
    beeeep. yes.
    a husband who know knows the way to your handmade heart.
    top of the list.

    well done by so many people who love you.
    my heart is bursting for you.
    no lie.

    i'm humbly coveting these things and your friendships :)

  5. oh.my.

    I want one of everything! Sooooooooooo cute!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. the car seat cover!! i am also dying over that fabric. do you (or your friend) know what it is called? it would be perfect for my daughter's room!

  8. I LOVE it all I want one of everything for me!! :P The most precious gifts are the ones given out of pure love and full of meaning. You are two very lucky girlies!!!

  9. cool. thanks for the shout out.

  10. you and your sweet CJ are TOTALLY worth it. also. I want one of everything. Please and thank you (including the baby girl ;)


  11. I wish I was Cammie Jane for real.
    And your husband is BA. For real.

  12. you do have some pretty amaaaaazing friends. how DO they DO that? so cute. so dang cyooooot.

  13. Everything is so amazing -- wow! All of these things are worth bragging about. :)

  14. Awwww. Such fun loot! So neat to see how God gifts people, so they can in turn bless others.

    and i must say, Christie told me to make the hanging fabric strips for the banner for your shower--her idea, not mine:)

  15. totally jealous of your loot! a custom boppy!?! love it!! you sure so have some crazy-creative friends!

  16. gorgeous, thoughtful gifts. can't pick a fave!
    sweetie cammie j is one blessed cutie!

    love you.


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