Tuesday, May 8, 2012

this blog world is crazy.

I seriously have the best blog friends. Thank you @cuppakim.

last week, miles was getting a little cray-cray around dinner time, if you know what i mean.
my dad was cooking and he was just whiny, whiny, whiny. 
that hour between 5-6 is always something else, i tell you.
 i decided to pop him in the stroller and just have some time with my little guy...
so we went for a walk to go get the mail.

much to my surprise, when i unlocked the mailbox, 
there was a gigantic box from one of my closest bloggy friends addressed to cammie jane & me.
i was so excited!! 
we had a few more blocks til we were home and the rest of the way, i just reflected on how unusual this blogging world can be.

i know there are people that probably think i'm crazy for meeting real friends like i've met.
even i thought it was a bit strange at first.
but as i walked, i reflected on how i've actually been so blessed - especially over the last year - 
by several different women around these parts.


there are friends on here that i talk to in some sort of fashion almost every day.
we encourage each other, pray for each other, make each other laugh so hard.

there's a friend that i've admired so much for her posts on parenting that i've in fact called crying when i was at the end of my rope with miles - and she's checked in with me numerous times and has prayed for me.

there's a friend that confides in me and i confide in her - and i just would hate to see what life would be like without her in it now.

there is even one friend that i have yet to meet - but we've become such close friends that i just feel like nothing would change if and when we do meet....we'd just keep on going on with life as usual.
so yes, people might think this bloggy world is weird.
and some might think it is border line.....what's the word....fake maybe?
i think i even thought that before.

but i am so thankful for the friends the Lord has blessed me with - they are real friends.
i know this blog will not last forever....but isn't this crazy world fun sometimes?

to those of you who i'm talking about - thank you for loving me and letting me be a part of your life. :) 
i'm so glad we've got each other.


  1. it's totally weird, and totally awesome. xoxo

  2. this blog world is craaaaaazy, but it has blessed the pants off of me. love you!
    also, i need you to post your wipes review asap. please.
    i must get rid of all the tiny icky germs in this joint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. needed to read this today..was feeling a bit discouraged.
    love and appreciate ya!

  4. this blog world is nuts.
    i hate it and i love it all at the same time.
    so glad for you.
    and so sad we don't talk like we used to.
    [no mo' crazy blogger designs up in hurrrr. can you say goose?]
    but yeah,
    i love you too :)

  5. i say your one super blessed lady!

  6. it's weird that this bloggy world has been out there for so long and
    i am just now discovering it! started last year but really now that i
    have my own new baby of a blog. never comment but love yours! :)

  7. I agree that people think it is kind of strange but I consider it a blessing. I have met some wonderful people who are truly friends and I'm glad you have done the same. This encourages me to send some mail love too :)

  8. YES! Love this strange little world & the incredible blessings that come from it!

  9. crazy, crazy good.
    the best kind of crazy right?

    i'm still floored that you sent me a biebs valentine.
    i think that is where my newfound love for the biebs began.
    in fact, i know it is.

    so glad we're friends.
    i cant wait to give you and CJ a squeeze this summer.

  10. i'm happy we are blogging, real life buddies.

    love you.

  11. so true!! p.s. I thought of you last night when justin bieber was on the voice...lol...and we have never met! hope new baby life is going good! :)

  12. thanks for your sweet blog, katy, which i'm sure reflects the sweetie you are....you know, in 'real life'--praise God for the blog world and the blessings from it!
    <3 <3 <3

  13. i LOVE this crazy blogging world.
    the encouragement and friendship i have found here has saved my life.
    the lord knew i need y'all crazy bloggers.

    praise him.

    (love you!)

  14. i could not agree more! i love my bloggy friends :)


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