Sunday, May 6, 2012

weekend sevens.

1. great-grandma & grandpa came to meet cammie girl!
cammie and her great-grandpa share a birthday.


2. my blog friend cuppakim sent me and cammie jane a package this week.
inside were these two gems. she knows the way to my heart.
so i had a clean-off to decide which wipe was better.
i will blog my results in a timely manner.


3. speaking of wipes, clearly my counter top is in need of one.
mainly, this picture is to say that i had my first klondike bar this weekend.
 a friend brought us a delightful dinner and this was the dessert.
 it was okay. i wouldn't buy them again.

4. got some new kicks this weekend.
i really, really love.


5. also threw several tantrums this weekend.
 i believe we are still adjusting to baby sissy.
or maybe we're adjusting to being almost two.
or maybe both...?


6. gramps came to visit and to meet cammie girl.
he was a life saver and made us about 6 meals for the freezer.
 i am so thankful!


7. don't know how i made it without this little face in my life before two weeks ago.



  1. i'm feeling like seven is just not enough these days. :)
    maybe 7 of each topic. yes, that will be next week.

    great grandma AND great grandpa. your kids are super lucky.
    that is awesome.

    excited to hear your feedback on the wipes.
    jessica tried to get me to use the purple ones today.
    i told her she'd have to do the wiping herself.
    i don't like the roughage.

    miles is the most stylish kid on the block.
    well, along with cammie and her cute bows.

    i'm glad your dad was able to visit and hook you up.
    SIX meals. that is awesome.

  2. clorox wipes truly comfort me.
    so glad the greats and gramps visited. the best.
    also, your kids are adorbs.
    cammie seems like the happiest girl!

    love you. xo

  3. that last picture melts me.



    and up way too late catching up on blogs. whoa.

  4. 6 freezer meals sounds like the lottery! and isn't it crazy to think that little bird was just in your tummy like 2 weeks ago?? crazy! crazy miracle.

  5. I agree with isn't enough, especially with that sweet lil cammie girl! oh, and the baby + almost two {all too common over here}!!

  6. LOVE that list pic. so stinkin sweet! i'm super excited to see your thoughts on the lysol wipes because i love me some clorox wipes.

  7. you are too cute. i love love love your pictures. what kind of camera do you use?

    1. hello! thanks so much! i use a canon rebel. :)

  8. LOVE that you took a pic of Miles having his tantrum. Our kiddos are definitely going to thank us for that later ;)

  9. weekend them. makes me feel like i don't live so far away. right now idaho stinks. okay not really, but the fact i don't have a private plane to some see you does.

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  11. Katy I have been following you via Kaylee on Lifechaser and I just want you to know that I enjoy your humor and family so much! Congratulation on your little Cammie, she is a beauty!!


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