Sunday, June 24, 2012

MILEStone :: two years old.


dear miles.
today you turn two.
lots of people call these years the "terrible twos". 
i am sure i am guilty of that on more than one occasion. 
there are sure days that feel terrible to me right now.
but i cannot say that i find you to be a terrible two-year-old.
you, my sweet boy, are not terrible at all.
difficult, yes. terrible, no...not one bit.
challenging, hard, stubborn...yes. but not terrible.

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i have talked so much on this blog about my favorite quality of yours.
but since it is your 2nd birthday, i will talk about it again.
you love everyone.
you will say hi to anyone, anywhere, however many times you want.
with a cheerful heart. and a huge, bright smile.
doesn't matter if they say hi or not.
no intimidation. no insecurities. no fear or frustrations.
just a sweet innocence.

my mama's heart feels all those things for you.
intimidation. insecurity. fear. frustration.
i feel them for you because i know in a few years you will feel them.
and my heart already breaks for those times where you experience rejection and embarrassment.
i want you to hold on to that innocence as long as you can.
it is my absolute favorite thing that you do - this saying "hi" business.
[i wish i was more like you.]


dear miles.
even on the most terrible of days, you make my heart so very, very full.
being your mom has changed who i am.
being your mom makes me want to be a better person.
 being your mom draws me closer to the Lord.

there is no one like you, miles.
i am so proud to call myself your mama.

happy, happy 2nd birthday, my little sugar pants.
[you are a superhero.]
i love you.