Wednesday, June 27, 2012


we were seriously fans of the giants yesterday.
which is great because they won.


i seriously had a blast with two of my favorite blog friends at lunch yesterday.
45 minutes of goodness.
i love you, jessica and kim!

you seriously need to enter the pen & paint giveaway.
i got my prints in the mail and i seriously love them. 
don't waste anymore time, today is the last day to enter!



  1. seriously love this post.
    can't wait to win that giveaway!

    ;) xo

  2. GO GIANTS! only one game back, boys! let's do this!

    really glad i got to meet you! i still claim your kiddos are the cutest. and i still want to steal your son.

    yes, i think i just entered the land of creeper.
    sorry about that one.

  3. seriously. can we do lunch again? my second chik fil a experience was WAY better than my first.
    i love ALL things polynesian.
    and i also like pickles. they didn't make or break the sandwich for me. but they were not a problem.

  4. seriously. this is the best. next time i wanna go.

  5. Cute giants fans :) ps love your tape on your pics

  6. me and my crack eyes love you, katygirl!!! or katykristin. or KK. or whatever your name is. 45 minutes went way faster than 45 minutes really is. and 45 minutes is not enough AT ALL. 45 days next time, ok? good.


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