Sunday, June 10, 2012

ten on ten.

this is my first time doing ten on ten.
ten pictures. ten consecutive hours. on the tenth.
could have been better. could have been worse.
it was a long day today. and now i'm nursing a massive migraine.
but i loved doing it. and i will do it again.

p.s. i do not have a clue why my spacing is so messed up in this post.
please ignore. thanks so much. 

eight o'clock:
strawberry waffles

nine o'clock:
playing with trains

ten o'clock:
getting ready for the day

eleven o'clock:
leaving for church

twelve o'clock:


one o'clock:
napping on dad
two o'clock:
home from trader joe's

three o'clock:
arranging my flowers


four o'clock:
toy story with woody and buzz


five o'clock:
soaking up the end of the sun

also not pictured:
baby screaming at church. toddler tantrum at target. argument with husband over dumb stuff. 
headache taking over my life.
glad tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.

linking up with rebekah.
you should do it too.
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  1. I love your set of photos. Your baby girl is so sweet. I recently started capturing ten on ten and it has been so fun! The photo of you with your two kids is so precious and I love your flower arrangement.

  2. amen, girl. a brand new day.

    LOVE your photos. y'all are so cute all ready for church.
    it was dark and rainy here most of the day. love your miles playing with the water. also, woody and buzz...are those pillows or what?
    i think i need strawberry waffles.

    you make me smile wide. love you.

  3. Those those waffles seriously look like something off the food network.

    I wonder if toddlers and target are always a recipe for tantrum??? My son always seems to have one there!! Last time we went I got him a brand new bag of Goldfish as a bribe. It worked till we got to checkout. And then it just got U-G-L-Y!

  4. love this. the last line is the only thing that gets me from one day to another sometimes.

  5. I'm pretty sure if I did this it would say "playing with trains" every.single.hour. Shoot, I can't get away from Thomas no matter how hard I try! James is obsessed!

  6. These are treasures. And isn't Toy Story the best? I don't mind playing or watching it... ever. I adored your pictures. They were so sweet and full of blessings.


  7. first off. i am SO super glad you made it into the 10 on 10. with both your kidlets.
    i think that might be perfection.

    also perfection, cammie/daddy naptime.
    i almost died. literally. get 911 on the horn. really.

    also, marked up Bibles are my fav.

    there was a whole lot of beauty in your ordinary. thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Mmm those cookies.

    Next time you fight with hubs over dumb stuff, just whip out that camera in the middle of him making a great point, and snap away. No? That would make things worse? Ok nevermind.

  9. How fun that you were able to participate. I totally forgot about it this month and I'm trying not to be too bummed about it. Your photography is wonderful! I may just have to run out and get those cookies. And bless you for the disclaimer...His mercies are new!!!!

  10. love your pictures! i've been wanting to do this, maybe now i'm inspired to try. on the other hand who am i kidding my kiddos are sucking up my time to shower let alone take a picture:)

  11. We had the same breakfast. We are awesome. 👍

  12. We had the same breakfast. We are awesome. 👍

  13. your babies are so so so so so cute. i use clinique powder, too. :p

  14. 10 on 10!
    how fun!
    i loved every second of it!

  15. Yes! So happy you did 10 on10!!! Isn't it so fun? Loved your set.., sorry about the meltdowns...we've all been there :)

  16. I am so doing this next time! Loved your post... even those not pictured ;)

  17. hi.
    you look pretty.
    i love your little family.
    k, bye.


  18. please make me a waffle. And your "going to church pic" is TDF

  19. Wow, I love all your photos! Your kids are so cute and those Trader Joe's cookies look delicious!

  20. what an awesome day! I love the pic of you with your littles - that baby is a doll!

  21. Look at you, DSLR'n it up! I think I totally have to do this next month.
    And I even noticed the coconut lotion. I can spot that stuff anywhere.

  22. Beautiful. I love all the real life bits, the little 'not pictured' part at the end was the best. There's beauty in it all.

    And, your baby girl sleeping is precious.

    Lovely set.


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