Monday, June 18, 2012

weekend sevens :: father's day edition

1. when it looks like this outside, we get out of town.
also. it got up to 108. makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
2. i guess it was the day for animals on shoulders.
san luis obispo is such a funky little town. i love it.
note :: bunny on the left. have you ever seen someone walk around with a bunny on their shoulder?
no. gross. weird. i don't get it.
3. we went to our favorite place :: the avila barn.
honestly, my heart just gets so happy when we go there.
also. i tried to get a solar flare. i really tried hard. 
4. miles loved the animals. seriously, he was running around chasing a rooster for like ten minutes.
i mean, whatever keeps that boy occupied is fine with me.
also, i love every detail of that barn. the flowers, the veggies, the baked goods.
i could live there. for like an hour.
and then the smell of manure would sorta start to get to me.
5. love my kids.
6. on the way home, cammie would have nothing to do with her carseat.
we had to pull over multiple times and take her out.
she also pooped through her entire outfit and mom of the year forgot a change of clothes.
miles slept the entire time. blissful.
7. i mean, have you entered?
i got my arrow ring on friday night and love love love it.
hurry up and do it!


hope you had a great weekend!


  1. the simplicity of #5 made my heart swell.
    in a big way.

    i feel like #1 i am more concerned about the guys ability to safely ride that bike. i feel like that is not ergonomic.

    the parrot only adds to the difficulty.

    and rabbits poop. a LOT.

  2. the avila boys even love it.

    i was here in that heat. gross.

  3. Your weekend updates are so fun! I'd have to run from those temps too...sizzle. Looks like a really cool time, minus the bunny carrier and poop incident :)

  4. fun weekend! the 100's make me sick too...especially before the 4th of July...going to be one hot summer!

  5. oh your darling babies are so cute.
    that barn dealio sounds like my cup of tea.
    i can't see all of your shirt but what little bit i CAN see, i love!

  6. your weather is starting to look like ours. yikes!
    rabbit on your shoulder is NO BUENO.
    rabbit poo down your back is MUY, MUY disgusting.
    your children are presh. seriously.

    ps...your hair is always gorg. always.

  7. Your babies are too cute!!! And that little farm is was 108 here too and guess whose air conditioner decided to break??? Oh yes, that would be mine. Haha, praise the Lord for nice get aways!

  8. 108? That's gross. Also, I'm going to stop walking around with my bunny on my shoulder, thanks.

  9. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Emailing you now! Super excited to be twinsies with you and wear that ring tooooo!! xo!

    ps. your babies and there big, beautiful eyes just killed me dead. :)

  10. love this! esp that you could live in the barn. one hour. ha.

    can't believe cammie didn't like her carseat. i guess she would rather sit with mama. totes understandable.

  11. so, ever since i read this post, i have been wishing i had a coast with a barn to visit.
    y'all are the sweetest family!! gorgeous.
    also, what the heck is up the bunny shoulder business? is it weird that i want a pet bunny?

  12. i'm with hannah, i desperately want to visit that barn on a coast.
    when we were moving out here selah pooped through her clothes and i had to use 20 wipes. i'm not exaggerating. and i didn't have extra clothes.ftw.
    do you know that every picture i've seen of you i think, "i want her shirt". where do you shop?!
    still a little heartbroken about not winning that giveaway.


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