Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend sevens.

1. oh hey miles.
glad you figured out when you stick a finger up your nostril you can pull something out.
really loved when you were unaware of that fact.


2. got some fun mail from my friend carly.
hanging these tonight! love them! thank you, carly. :)


3. visited my in laws on sunday.
got some pedicure action with the ladies.
i try to avoid feet pictures as much as possible.


have i told you why? 
it is because my pinky toe was smashed in the womb. 
and when i came out, my dad looked at the doc and asked what was wrong with it.
it is forever smashed into the toe next to it.
also, the bone is super thin because of said smashing so it gets kinda floppy at times.
for quite awhile, i refused to wear sandals that show-cased the floppy toe.
but i embrace now.


4. cuppakim sent me a new sippy.
church logo on the front.
sipped a little water mixed with a splash of lemonade.


5. miles went down a sweet water slide.


6. oh, okay, anthropologie.
don't mind if i do. 
thanks so much.


7. aunty bought cammie jane a dress.
yes, it is still too big.
but i mean, it doesn't appear to be that big of a problem.
you go, girl.
work that thang.


still time to enter the something fun for 31 birthday giveaway!
i hope you had a great weekend!


  1. love ampersand, love arrows. of course.
    i have a nasty toe thing going on too. you will never see a bare foot shot of this woman.
    that pic of cammie is ridiculous. so sweet.

  2. 1. Miles picking his nose = halerious!!! Wait till he brings them to you liked found the Hope Diamond!!! That's what my boy does.."mama boggie!!!"

    2. I'm with ya on the pedi!! My mother in law got me a gift certificate for mothers Day and I have yet to use it!!! I'm worried I'll giggle the whole time!!!

    3. Cammie's new dress is so sweet!!!! Isnt having a girl so much fun????

  3. that last pic is SO cute. and if i'm being completely honest, so is the first ;)

  4. great 7's...!

    Miss Cami looks adorable and getting so big already!

    my son is a fan of the fingers in the daughter not so much...hopefully it is a boy thing :)

  5. Pedicure, kiddo on a water slide, super happy mail, anthro discount & Cammie in a dress?!? PERFECT!

  6. ummm i wanna try that slide out. looks like a blast.

  7. i love her dress and that smile oh my.

  8. i like all of the fun stuff in this post.
    sippy = winning.
    and you are super cute.

    those prints are adorablepants. LOVE.

    and if cammies dress is too big for her, i'd be happy to borrow it.

  9. 1. mad recently found his nostrils. awesome.

    2. embrace your floppy toe. it's part of you :)

    3. can't get enough cammie cuteness. seriously.

    4. anthro. i die.

  10. i heart your toes!!!!!

    and lil miss cammie looks sweet as can be!

  11. Your weekend sevens are always so fun. Yay for sweet gifts and fun gift cards. Love that OPI color too! Miss Cammie is just too cute :)

  12. I'm not sure if my first comment went through. I very much enjoy your weekend sevens. Yay for sweet mail and fun gift cards :) You children are just adorable...nose picking and all.

  13. okayyyy seriously. why did you not bevsta that ish? you are so cute. goodbye.


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