Monday, June 25, 2012

weekend sevens.

it was birthday weekend around these parts.
mine was friday, miles' was sunday.
we are all wiped out.

1. all my friends were so sweet to me on my birthday.
i feel so loved!!
[my closie made me arrow straws]


2. i made cammie jane wear jellies on my birthday.


3. we met my dad at the coast to celebrate father's day and birthdays.
miles really loves his gramps.
cammie was struggling just a tad with allergies. ha.


4. had a little superhero photo shoot for my boy.
my closie lorie made miles this cape. i love.
so does miles.


5. we went to my in-laws on sunday and had a family get together for miles.
cammie jane was wiped out. slept on aunt darlene for an hour.
[the great news is that she slept from 9:30 til 6:30am. praises.]


6. miles doesn't really get to eat sugar or sweets very often.
can you tell?

7. love them so much.


also. p.s. does my friend hannah know me or what?

i'm linking up with laura today.

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  1. Happy Birthday, one and all!!! Hope all of your wishes and dreams come true! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday to you! and to Miles!
    way to go lorie on the cape. super cute.

  3. Stop it with those jellies! Hope you and Miles had the best birthday weekend ever. Hannah's bday card was the bomb. xoxo

  4. haha!!! happy bday, goofball :)

  5. The happiest of days to you, friend! (Even if a little late).
    My love,

  6. the straws. love.
    your family can't get any cuter! and the jellies are too much!

    and i know you love cats so much, it was so cool to find that darling card.

    love you.

  7. sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend celebrating!!

    those jellies. seriously. I die.

    that card. amazeballs.

  8. Well isn't that just a great way of celebrating two very sweet people. LOVE, LOVE Cammie's jellies...just when I thought she could get any cute :) How sweet of friends to spoil you and who know you well :)

  9. Miles in a cape = super cute.
    Cammie in jellies = super, super cute!
    And, I can't believe she slept that long!!!! AWESOME.

  10. stop it all.
    miles and that cape. i wish he had worn it today.
    because i really think he is super.

    cammie sleeping. i die.
    i'm so glad i got to hold her today. because she is as cute as that picture.
    best part of my day for sure.

    and arrow straws?!?! your closies have some serious creativity. or should i say kreativity.

  11. I'm a new reader- your blog is fantastic!
    That photo of him in the cape is a definite framer. And his name is Miles (my son is named Miles too)!

    Feel free to stop by my blog- I'd love to have you take part in my weekly link-up "This Week the Trend" and for the month of July I'm offering free ad space! Happy Friday!



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