Thursday, July 5, 2012

bone jur.

i paws for peace.

looky here, now. 
it is the end of Independence week.

fancy that.

[[i have a few things to say.]]

1. listen, have you heard about project hope?
project hope was started by my friend laura at bits of splendor.
she fills boxes with things that will give "hope" to parents that have just lost a baby in some form.
i have had a few people close to me have miscarriages within the last few months and my heart has been so heavy for this special idea that laura had.


i bought some frames for the project this week but there is still so much that they need for these boxes.
i would encourage you to check it out - it is so neat.
and laura explains it better than i even know how to!
lindsay from pen and paint has partnered up with project hope.
when you buy this print, proceeds are donated to the foundation to help even more.
not only is the print amazing, as usual, but so is this whole cause.
please check it out.

2. 4th of july has come and gone.


and that can only mean one thing.

the GOD BLESS THE US linky is just around the corner.
monday to be exact.
i have heard a lot of chit-chat about people linking up their posts and i cannot wait to hear about them.

i would love to even see recipes, projects, DIY's ---
anything 4th of July related that you have posted on your it up!

yankee doodle went to town and you can too.
don't be shy.

grab a button from the side and add it to your post!
check this post out for more questions!
can't wait to see you on monday back here or over at cuppakim's!

3. now is the time, if you will, that you leave a comment with your favorite person from the bachelorette.

have a great weekend!!


  1. love project hope.
    love pen and paints.
    love patriotic cammie.
    love america.
    hate bachelorette.
    ain't lion.


  2. I love that print and what your friend is doing is just amazing. I have someone close to me who lost a baby and my heart is so heavy for her. What a way to spread some joy. Ooh, I'll have to put a post together...maybe that will make me get back to

  3. project hope. YES!
    God bless the U.S. YES!
    the bachelorette...i have no idea. i was totally team arie but his family dynamics bugged me out. Jef maybe.
    ahhh did i just say that?

  4. i'm totally with you on all of this.
    until we got to the bach.

    the fact that i'm not into it is just bach ish cray. i know.
    please do not hate.

  5. Hi! Trying to link up our 4th of July but I cant get your button to work! It says the image has been deleted. Anyways, came over here from Bits of Splendor!

  6. A friend of mine just had a miscarriage -- I just bought her one of the Project Hope prints. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

  7. What a doll baby in her red, white, and blue.

    And Jef :)

  8. im torn between jef and sean. i kinda see her going for jef, over sean, but think she is really into arie. not crazy about arie though. he bugs me.


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