Sunday, July 15, 2012

five favorite pictures.

i'll be back with weekend sevens soon.
here are five of my favorite pictures from the last week or so.

baby girl is all about holding her head up high.
keep it that way, cammie jane.
you hold your head up no matter what.

we are transitioning miles into a big boy bed.
nap time is a little rough.
could be because i am just SO READY for nap time everyday.
but this particular day it took an hour and 15 minutes to get him down.
here's my number. kill me, maybe.

my closie christie made cammie felt bows in every color.
this one is my favorite.
i've been waiting til this blue romper fit her so she could wear it.
the blue romper did NOT fit. it was huge.
but i forced.

oh. remember that whole transitioning to big boy bed thing?
yeah. one morning he found the vasoline.
not hair gel, guys. NOT HAIR GEL.

love him with her.
i hope and pray they are always friends.


  1. oh my they are so cayute! Aren't kids great...looks like you are having a wonderful summer with the littles....xoxo

  2. so cute! and i still love your shirt!

  3. adorable floral tape strips and even more adorable baby pictures!

  4. i feel like all of these pictures make my heart explode.

    cammie is rocking that romper.

    and i feel like miles is rocking his freedom well. i mean, if he can't take advantage of the situation then he wouldn't be a very good two year old. ;)
    he rocks two for sure.

  5. These are awesome!

    I need those headbands for Evelyn!

  6. her eyes kill me in that first pic!

    and i've seen that diaper fiasco a few times myself. it's just wrong.

  7. such cute babies, friend.
    how do you get the washi tape digitally on your pics?

  8. what sweet photos.

    vaseline!! NOOOOOOOOO! but that will be a great "remember that time" story. i have one involving lipstick. :-)

    they will be friends. we have been intentional to pray about and nurture a healthy relationship/friendship between our son and daughters. they are 14,13, 10, and REALLY do DELIGHT in each other. sure they argue (they live together, it's inevitable), but if you ask them they will say they are best friends. *love*

  9. Such cute pictures!You sure have a beautiful family. I love the floral tape on each did you do this?

  10. adorable. these are excellent photos. LOVE you, and your cutie fam! xo

  11. oh they are too sweet! love your flower tape on your pics.

    I adore the land of cribs!! You could be a really great parent like myself and make your toddler skip nap time in favor of an 1 1/2 earlier bedtime :) I got tired of fighting nap time...I am not gonna lie it can be challenging lol


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