Sunday, July 8, 2012

God bless the US :: a tribute to betsy ross.

the fireworks have come and gone,
but Lady Liberty still stands strong.

our 4th of July was nice. 
my mom was here visiting for the week and i always love having her around. 
we also had some of our best friends over for a super casual BBQ.
this post has a lot of pictures. more pictures than i've ever shared in my life.
but this is for my country. 

i started off putting flags in our front lawn. 


and then i realized sarah jane might think i'm a huge dork so i made sure to send this text.
and she knew my true heart.


after she accepted my patriotism, i got started decking my halls with stars and stripes.
i know what you're thinking :: wow, katy's hair is so tame.
it is. it truly is.




we played outside in the water.
[lorie. miles is still wearing the 6-12 month swim gear you let us borrow. i promise to give it back.]


i also decked my children out in red, white, and blue.
[cammie's cute romper is from my mother-in-law.]



sarah jane brought this amazing fruit salad.
so festive. so fat free.
blueberries, strawberries, and white chocolate chips.
mix it all together with a couple of tablespoons of sugar.


i love my little sparklers.



at the end of the day, we did fireworks in our front yard.


and had strawberry shortcake!
please note my red and white polka plates.
i was sticking with the color scheme.
thank youuuuuuu, bestie, for the plates!!


and got some dad cuddles in before bed.


i have officially decided that 4th of July might be one of my favorite holidays!
i will love it even more when i don't have a two year old boy that wants to touch fire and a baby who cries in the middle of dessert.
it was a great day!!
i hope i get to have a bbq again next year.
clearly, as you can see, i go all out for America.
every day should be the 4th of July.

now it is your turn!

i'm sooooo excited to read your patriotic posts!
just grab a button on the sidebar >>> and add it to your post.
then link up below or at cuppakim's!
make sure to link up your post and not your blog.
let the festivities begin!


  1. Linking up and I love your blog. Newest follwer!!!

  2. Linking up & love your blog. Newest follower!!!

  3. katy.
    i love everything about this post.
    i love those plates.
    i feel like i should use them 365 days a year.
    a good american would.

    also. i hope you got the fireworks at my fireworks booth.
    on my property i told you about.
    support the cause. you know.

    i feel like if betsy had come to your party she would have been speechless.
    and probably ended up making out with ben franklin.

    God Bless the US and this fun linky!!!

  4. This Linky is fun... The 4th is for reals one of my favorite days of the year.
    I live your red plates with the white stars.. So cute! And, cam's romper? Precious!

  5. gorgeous. love your fun plates and such. i feel even more free and american just looking at them.
    the pics of you with your sparklers, oh my heck cute!
    but. the daddy/cammie one takes the sweet cake.

    you are fancy! XO

  6. You really have the cutest kids! :-D

  7. I have a lot to say.

    1). Betsy = PROUD of this post.
    2). The licorice clusters? THAT'S A PIN. You better link that ish.
    3). All fruit items are fat free. No matter what you add. Even pie. It's a rule I have.
    4). I love your hair. Baby, you're a firework. You tell them what you're worth.


  8. i would eat that strawberry shortcake for breakfast right now if it was in my kitchen.

  9. What a fantastic time!!! Love the plates, your hair, Miles' shirt, and that fruit salad. Glad you had a wonderful time and I'm sure you'll do it even better next year!!!

  10. you are so cute katy. thought about writing this in your kitty/animal language but i would so botch it up,so.
    love this link up and it looks like you had a great 4th!

  11. i wore black, too. i miss the days of putting my kids in r,w,& b rompers. they were adorbs then.

    that's my kind of fruit salad!

  12. everyday SHOULD be the 4th of july. amen!

  13. looks like fun! my 22 month old is still wearing a 6-12 month bathing suit also. it finally doesn't go down to his ankles. ha!

  14. looks like a fun 4th to me! adding white chocolate to a fruit salad = genius idea. thanks for the fun link up :)

  15. Glad you had a lovely fourth . Missed the link up ... All my fourth photos were deleted on accident ... I was super bummed :(

  16. great pics! looking forward to going through all these link ups today :)


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